Quick and easy to use floating boat liftsAn AirBerth boat lift can remove or return your boat in just 4 minutes. As well as reducing maintenance time, an AirBerth floating boat lift also protects your investment because an AirBerth floating boat lift can help protect your vessel. The P&D cube floating boat lift is a floating boat lift that gets your craft completely out of the water, there are no moving parts, and it requires no electricity to operate. Pontoon Boat LiftsVertical Pontoon Lifts  Vertical lifts are ideal where you have a large water fluctuation. Our centre lift system lifts your pontoon boat by the stringers so you can operate in very shallow water conditions. Sea-Legs hydraulic pontoon lift bolts to the bottom of your pontoon and stays connected as you travel from your dock to your neighbors dock, the sand bar, your favorite watering hole, etc. The boata€™s hull is automatically positioned on the lift for maximum safety and ease-of-use. Theya€™re manufactured from high density polyethylene so theya€™re corrosion-resistant and non-abrasive.

It is endorsed by IRCM, the Marine Insurance Innovators, who are able to provide significant premium discounts to AirBerthed vessels.
Our static boat lifts can be used in all types of water levels, with or without an existing structure. Because of the 6' of vertical lift they also work well in areas where high waves are a problem.
Email a phone number if you have an interest and I can put you in touch with a local dealer. With its in-built hull washing system, AirBerth can clean your hull as soon as it comes out of the water too. They are portable and expandable, offering you the flexibility to fit your dock to your lifestyle, no matter how that changes.
All of our vertical lifts feature full-length carpeted bunks, easy adjust leveller legs & base pads. This lift comes complete with levellers and adjustable foot pads.The aluminum pontoon lifts are available in 1,800 lb.

The same quality manurfacturing you are used to with an R&J product but lightweight and economically priced. Sea-Legs allow you to lift your pontoon out of the water to keep your tubes clean and stop the boat from getting damaged while tied to a dock. Sea-Legs allow you to lift your pontoon out of the water, keep your tubes clean and stop the boat from getting damaged while tied to a dock. In normal circumstances, installation takes just a few hours and requires no piling or construction. No need to hand crank your pontoon out of the water, just push a button on the remote and the boat lifts out of the water.
No need to hand-crank your pontoon out of the water, just use the remote to lift your boat.

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