For those who enjoy cruising on their pontoon boats, a lift from DECO Boat Lifts can help ensure years of worry-free boating. We offer pontoon boat lift systems in three different lines, providing options to fit any customer’s budget. Maxi – Our entry-level line, Maxi lifts include many outstanding features that ensure long lasting performance, such as grooved cable winders, a heavy-duty flat-plate gear drive and stainless steel hardware, and come at a price that’s easy to fit in any budget.
DECO – DECO boat lifts are our most popular variety and incorporate many proprietary features, including our high-performance sealed gearbox with a steel worm gear, which is maintenance free and self-locking to provide the ultimate in pontoon lift safety. Concept CRS – Our flagship line, Concept CRS lifts include all of the best features from our DECO lifts, along with a number of updated systems.
In addition to our pontoon lift solutions, we offer other specialty lift systems like catamaran lifts, PWC lifts, V-cradle sailboat lifts, beamless boat lifts, boat house lifts, shallow water lifts and many more.
If you’ve recently purchased a new powerboat, it’s likely that you’ve just contributed to the overall popularity of pontoons. If you’ve recently purchased a powerboat over 15 feet in length, there is a strong possibility that you’ve purchased a pontoon. With so many new pontoons on the market, and so many new pontoon owners, it’s no wonder that dock and boat lift manufacturing  companies, like ShoreMaster, a premium aluminum boat lift and dock brand based out of Fergus Falls, Minnesota have introduced a new line of pontoon boat lifts designed to accommodate today’s wider, longer, and heavier pontoons.
Another consideration for new pontoon owners looking to truly make it quick and convenient to use their pontoon is to budget for a canopy frame and cover for their new pontoon lift.
When it comes to the cost of a new pontoon, your options are really only limited by your budget. While some in the industry might say that the pontoon boat lift is a new trend, we now know that companies like ShoreMaster have been manufacturing them for decades.
Again, sorry for the delayed response, we hope you are enjoying your new Bennington, and having a great summer on Otter Tail Lake!
I have a brand new Sylvan 20 foot pontoon boat, I bought a used 10 foot boat lift on craigs list.
We have a number of dealers across the United States; it looks like the closest one to that particular location is Oconee Boat Lifts in Greensboro, GA.
By clicking on the link above, you are agreeing to receive news and promotional emails about ShoreMaster products and services. Pontoon is one of a number of floats used chiefly to support a bridge, to raise a sunken ship, or to float a hydroplane or a floating dock. With an ageing population, more pontoon boaters are turning to motorized systems and manual operating system is fast becoming a thing of yester years.
A pontoon is a type of boat that is used as small ferries to take people across the river or lake. The pontoon is usually supported by three padded racks that come with a cover to accommodate the seat.
There are two types of pontoon boat lifts according to the type of energy that powers them. When choosing a pontoon boat lift, you need to consider the capacity and durability of the product you’re looking at.
More information on pontoon boat lifts is available in Picky Guide, one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.
Hi gang, Rick Ostler here from North American Waterway bringing you Used Pontoon Boats along with news and views from the boating industry. Check out there website, it is very informative with Frequently Asked Questions, installation guides for twin-pontoon as well as tri-toon pontoon boats, testimonials and a video on Sea Legs. Receive our Free Pontoon Enclosures and Parts Brochure, Price List, FAQ & Newsletter $100. Our boat hoists will keep your vessel safe from mooring damage, prevent parasite growth and inhibit corrosion by keeping your vessel high and dry, but will still allow you to hit the water at a moment’s notice. They have stainless steel, sealed motors for outstanding durability, as well as our Cable Retention System (CRS) that creates a perfect wrap every time to extend cable life. Having produced these products since 1959, DECO has the engineering skills and experience needed to ensure that any customer receives the ideal system for their needs.
Our team proudly serves customers in Charleston, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and all cities in between. That’s because pontoons continue to lead the boating industry’s trend toward recovery and growth, while pontoon lifts like those from ShoreMaster get an updated design.

ShoreMaster has marketed boat lifts suitable for pontoons for decades, including the long and narrow cantilever style of pontoon lifts prevalent in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Even with the incredible ease of use of the new fastening hardware available for pontoon covers like Premier Pontoon’s J-Clips, nothing makes it easier to protect your pontoon on the lift than a canopy. These two models are set up to accommodate pontoons, and their related accessories are developed to work well with the new pontoon designs. When we talk about the growth of the pontoon market, we know that pontoons are gaining a larger share of the total market, and have been for almost a decade, but we also know that we haven’t quite made it back to the peak sales volumes that we saw in 2005, but the outlook is bright. We’ve been super busy online lately, so let us apologize in advance for the delayed response! All ShoreMaster boat lifts can be outfitted with accessories like bunks, guides, pontoon rail kits, or pontoon racks to fit any style of boat, including your Bennington 2075 GL Pontoon (nice boat by the way, those Benningtons ride real nice and hold their value really well!). Your pontoon is fine to sit directly on the wood planks, so long as the wood is in good condition. Just purchased a new low tri toon ss210, and want to make sure it will be ok to use my normal vertical lift on it. Pontoons have been built of wood, of hides stretched over wicker frames, of copper or tin sheet metal sheathed over wooden frames, of aluminum, and of steel. And these specialized pontoon boats require a different kind of boatlift to support it and give the ultimate and best results. Therefore, with the advancement of technologies, pontoon boatlifts are available with the best of facilities like remote controls, AC charges and solar power which adds to the comfort to meet the everyday need in a less time consuming fashion.
When they are not in use, they need to be docked in a regular dry place as they are easier to maintain when they are not constantly soaked in dirty water.
Pontoon boat lifts are also composed of adjustable levelling legs that users can set to varied depths. The electronic pontoon boat lift is powered by electricity that comes from rechargeable or heavy duty batteries.
They are operated through remote controls that are located inside the pontoon boats itself. The lift should be able to support the weight and the size of the pontoon boat it is supposed to carry.
One of my subscribers to our pontoon boat newsletter recently asked if we would do a product review on Sea-Legs Pontoon Lift.
Raise your Sea-Legs™ and go, lower your Sea-Legs and park — at your dock, sandbars, restaurants, visiting neighbors, shore fishing, getting gas and more. Whether you live on a lake, river, marsh flat, artificial waterway or coast, you can rest assured that DECO will design a pontoon lift to perfectly fit both your location and vessel.
We also provide up to a 10-year warranty on all of our systems, so you can feel confident that your investment is protected.
According to an article in Trade Only Today titled, The Newly Cool Pontoon Boat , you can see that in 2012, a total of 134,169 powerboats in the 15 feet and above size range were sold. However, until very recently, the primary differentiation between a boat lift and a pontoon lift throughout the waterfront equipment industry would be when the dealer would add the appropriate pontoon accessories to a standard vertical or cantilever style boat lift to make it suitable for pontoons. A canopy allows you to park your pontoon, and raise the lift to tuck your pontoon under the canopy, and then simply move on with your life. There are many brands and styles of pontoons available with power options ranging from small outboard motors to large inboards and all kinds of options in pontoon amenities, seating arrangements and customization. Expect to pay about $6000 to $12,000 or more for a high quality, all aluminum, precision-welded ShoreMaster pontoon lift. As a reminder (mainly to anyone else looking for a quick response) it is always faster to contact our industry leading call center for support and questions, those guys are on the phone all day long and are recognized as the best in the industry.
Regarding the capacity and length of the plans necessary for your boat, you are best off consulting with your local lift dealer or installer who could do a site visit to assess the setup. My dock guy is a bit u sure, as many of the tri toon boats go with and extra support in the middle, but my total weight is just over 2000lbs, and the lift is a shallow water 5000lb lift. The device is typically powered by electricity but the newer models are now fully automatic and even controlled remotely.
This type of boat lift has controls that let the user adjust it when moving the pontoon out of the water. It is also important to make sure that the lift can withstand high humidity that is characteristic of river areas.

Pontoons made up about 25% of the total market in that size range in 2012 with 33,615 pontoons sold. This is still acceptable today, but smart manufacturers, like ShoreMaster, recognized that today’s pontoons and today’s pontoon owners would require something more specific to really represent today’s pontoon market.  ShoreMaster’s President, Don Hurley comments “We’ve been manufacturing boat lifts for pontoons for decades, so we have a lot of experience with the challenges and the opportunities that they present. A canopy is truly a hands-off, extremely simple form of protection to keep your new pontoon clean, dry, and looking good.
Bob Menne of Premier pontoons says “Premier does well in the $65,000 to $100,000 range, and that market is growing, you don’t sell as many of those as you do in the $20,000 to $45,000 range, but there’s a market there, and more people are entering it.” So while the high end may have gotten higher due to more amenities and more customization, it seems there is incredible value to be found in the lower to middle end of the pontoon price spectrum as manufacturers improve the standard amenities offered in their pontoon lineups. When you consider the durability of the ShoreMaster brand of pontoon lifts, how convenient they make it for you and your family to use your pontoon, and also consider that you may own your pontoon lift longer than you own your current pontoon, you can find incredible value by going with a pontoon lift brand that you know and trust, like ShoreMaster. However, without looking up the information on your Bennington, I would guess that the beam is probably right around 102″.
Each situation is unique, especially when purchasing use lifts, so it is best to consult a local dealer who could take a look at your particular setup. Will the deck be ok supporting the weight on just those 2 support arms holding up the boat? Cyrus the Great built (536) the earliest pontoon bridge in history, using skin-covered pontoons. Our lifts are designed and engineered with features that make each lift work with your particular boat or pontoon. Go for a rustproof and waterproof frame with racks that are rigid enough to cradle the pontoon. The total number of pontoons sold in 2012 didn’t quite reach its 2005 peak of 43,642 pontoons sold, but consider that in 2005, the total market for powerboats 15 feet and above was 285,502 in all. We are always looking at updates to the design of today’s watercraft, and pontoons have definitely been on our radar for a while. The additional length and width accommodates the increasing size of today’s pontoons, the new design structure is longer to provide a more stable platform for lifting the pontoon and the bunks are longer to provide better support and guidance when entering and exiting the lift.
The amount of time you’ll save by not having to manually cover your pontoon after every use, combined with the protection a canopy provides is worth every penny you spend today. A 15 year warranty on the aluminum structure and welds gives you peace of mind throughout your pontoon lift ownership. Considering the model of your ShoreMaster lift (40966 Vertical Lift), This will likely be a very tight fit because the inside width of your boat lift is 108″. Adjustable leveling legs make it easy to set the right depth and our self-braking winch system allows for safe and easy operation.
So, in 2005, or just 9 years ago, pontoons represented only 15% of the overall market for powerboats over 15 feet in length compared to 25% in 2012. When you use the 15 year warranty period as a guide to determine your potential length of pontoon lift ownership, your $6000 ShoreMaster pontoon lift purchase averages out to just $400 per year, or $33.00 per month.
This will only leave you with about 3″ on either side of the lift to drive into it with your pontoon. Most of the pontoon boatlifts are constructed of high quality marine alloy aluminum for maximum strength and durability.
Given the fact that your new pontoon lift is protecting a $20,000 to $45,000 pontoon, you can see the incredible value that goes along with the convenience and the protection that a pontoon lift provides. ShoreMaster’s new pontoon lifts take design cues from their time-tested all aluminum double v-side (DVS) vertical lift and match them to the more performance-oriented, sophisticated style, and larger size of today’s pontoons.
Unfortunately, you’ll likely need a few more inches to be able to add guides to protect your pontoon as you attempt to enter such a narrow lift with your pontoon.
The double v-side feature really makes it easier for pontoon owners to position their lift so that passengers can board or exit the pontoon from either side of the lift.
Your dealer may be able to custom design something to make this work, but our suggestion would be to upgrade to a wider boat lift if at all possible.
Additional accessories such as motor stops and guides readily fit the new pontoon lifts to make it extremely easy for pontoon owners to comfortably and confidently guide their pontoon onto or off of the lift. That would give you plenty of room to safely enter and exit the lift, and allow you to add standard guide on accessories if desired.

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