If you go just to the island and back, most our boats will use between 4-6 gallons depending on your load and how heavy you are on the throttle. Voucher RedemptionAfter you reserve your pontoon online or by the phone, we will send you a confirmation email including a voucher with your payment information, complete operator information, meeting location, departure time, and local telephone numbers at your destination. Lagoon Pontoon offers Pontoon Boat Rental, Fishing Boat Rental, Jet Ski Rentals and Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach, Florida.
This week we launched their brand new website which nicely displays all their water sports in an easy to use and fun layout.

We enjoyed giving this website a fresh new look, and working with the friendly owners who really have a passion for what they do. We used super sized photos on the home page to get visitors excited about the water activities offered.
Finally, the website is responsive, so it adapts to visitors screen sizes so they can easily find what they are looking for. This is key in the Panama City Beach market, as so many tourists are looking up things to do on their phones.

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