A few days ago, some fellow travelers who are camping here in Cedar Key asked if I’d┬áchaperon┬áthem during a day on the water.
I’m not one to turn down such a opportunity, especially since Cindy and I have been too busy lately to even get out on the water.
The group met down at the Marina while Connie from Tidewater Tours walked me through the specifics of their rental pontoon boat. I love our little aluminum boat, but it’s limited to 4 adults if you want to stay comfortable and still have room to move around. The day was looking like it was going to be a perfect mix of cool breezes with a clear blue sky, so the sun would keep us nice and warm. We did the typical island tour to give everyone their bearings before we pulled up to Seahorse Key so they could see the Light Station that island is famous for.

After a nice walk to stretch the legs, we loaded back on the boat and headed through the inner channels to show them a different perspective of Cedar Key. Once we motored through the channels, we came back over to Seahorse Key where I was able to put the nose of the boat right up to the beach, yet keep the motor out in the channel. With the sun setting fast, everyone climbed back on the boat and we motored out to open water so we could watch the sun set with hopes to see the infamous Green Flash. First lesson of piloting a Pontoon Boat – Keep the weight on the back of the boat when coming off of plane!
On our way back to the marina, as we were coming into the No-Wake Zone right as you come under the bridge, I was able to stand the boat up on its bow again and scare the hell out of everyone. No, we will give you detailed instructions and teach you the basics if you have not operated a boat before.

This is something that is hard to do in Florida, but luckily we have so many secluded beaches that you can always find one to have to yourself.
That is such a great idea for us to do when we are there in March for St Patty’s Day!!
I really appreciate all the effort you put into pointing out the great sights of the waters around the area while we were on the trip. And the efforts you made to sink the boat with all of us on board merely helped add to the excitement of the trip ?? .

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