Miami boat rental and Miami Yacht Charter services from Water Fantaseas, your one stop Our yachts are perfect for an unforgettable Miami yacht wedding. As one of the favorite San Diego yacht rentals, you will on the luxury yacht, plan a San Diego yacht wedding on And if for some reason you want a power boat. 2016 Mercury 115 ProXS OptiMax Pro XS is the best-selling tournament-fishing outboard in the world, and has powered more competitive anglers to victory than any other engine.

Introducing the Flo-Torq Soft Shift Rubber (SSR) HD, the next generation of Mercury Propellers’ Flo-Torq Hub Systems. The Flo-Torq SSR HD is the quietest and smoothest shifting prop hub system in the market for high horse-powered outboards.
An OptiMax 250hp Pro XS gets up to 14% better fuel economy than a 250hp four-stroke offered by our competitor.

Our direct-fuel-injection system boasts the most complete fuel and air atomization, while specialized pistons improve fuel combustion.

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