Plush, pillowed pontoon furniture with quality double top stitching for that new boat look. Our pontoon seats will last! The quality of your vinyl and foam won't matter if your seams tear or rot that's why we only use the best UV and mildew treated polyester thread. 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl is coated and treated to exceed industry standards for UV and mildew resistance.
Each foam pontoon boat seat cushion is built with a mix of soft & dense foam to give you support and comfort where it matters most. Seat bases with molded drain channels increase the life of your pontoon flooring by allowing water to escape your deck instead of being trapped and left to soak into your carpet and decking. 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your boat the buyer is covered, just provide us with an original order number. Due to a constant effort to increase the level of quality, certain minor details such as decals, seat design, etc may vary depending on build date of the pontoon.

The new 2012 tahoe pontoon boats are showcasing a new style reclining chair, the head rest is now intergrated in the chair and the arm rests are self leveling.
Any of the pontoons viewed with the dimensions of 8ft or less wide are containable for over-seas shipping! I have more pontoon bench seats and optional arms, lounge arms and lounge arms with privacy enclosures. I have 40" pontoon bench seats and optional arms, lounge arms and lounge arms with privacy enclosures. These are new factory overstock pontoon boat railing sections in black baked on aluminum panels.
I have several overstock gates in various colors and widths with which to replace damaged or missing gates. Enclosed plastic seat bases for storage and high impact plastic seat cushion frames will never rot or break.

If your pontoon boat furniture arrives with any defects or quality issues we will pay to return and replace your seating immediately. An example of this would be that all 2012 models have intergrated head rests in the RC chairs. Because we design, build and sell our pontoon boat seats directly, we can offer you the best prices on the highest quality pontoon furniture. If you are looking for luxury, look no further because this is the nicest line of pontoons on the market.

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