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Whether you’re purchasing our Premium, Elite or Platinum seating rest assured that all of our bases are made from Roto-Cast Plastic and offer full storage with a sealed raised bottom with recessed water channels which divert the water away from stored items and sends the water out drain holes in the back of the base unit.
This video shows you how to clean your vinyl boat seats and explains why it is important to clean correctly to make your seats last longer and keep your seats from looking worn or faded.
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Our bases offer full storage with a sealed raised bottom, recessed water channels which divert the water away from stored items and sends the water out drain holes in the back of the base unit.
Time itself can take a major toll on vinyl if you don’t care for it properly.  It is important to clean your vinyl well on a regular basis, not just with water, but with a vinyl cleaner.
Gently wipe all vinyl surfaces in your boat.  Be sure to cover all areas, especially those that are used regularly and wipe away any excess cleaner.
Sap from overhanging trees can sink into your seats, even through tiny holes in boat covers. Our backrest construction starts with a Roto-Cast Plastic solid frame, which is secured to our bases with stainless steel screws.

So, when taking your boat out, check for sap spills and wipe them up quickly with a citrus-based cleaner.  If you need something stronger, try methyl hydrate, and always be sure to test all products in an inconspicuous place before using in an eye-catching place.
5” marine foam is used on the backrest roll and center insert cushion, plus a wedged 5 to 3” seat cushion for superior comfort and support and the wedge cushion diverts water off seating to prevent pooling on vinyl again helping to eliminate mold and rot. We use high quality marine grade vinyl that is formulated to be mildew resistant and contain the necessary Ultra Violet (UV) additives to meet or surpass industry standards.

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