A full shrink wrap accessory kit with everything you need to wrap boats up to 24' long with 8.5' max beams. Shrink wrap kit containing all of the accessories needed to wrap nearly anything, just add shrink wrap. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This kit contains the tools and accessories you will need to shrink wrap just about anything for outside storage. Mike Morse and his wife, Val Stover-Morse, who live on Vandercook Lake, confess they delay the chore as long as possible. Sometimes that means waiting until October to put things away, Stover-Morse says, adding that while closing up shop is a bit of a chore, it has become an accepted part of lake living. When stowing anything made of fabric, including cushions, pontoon canopies and patio furniture, remember mold and mildew thrive in moist, dark places. If you want to hire someone to bring in your dock or boat, be sure to call before the weather gets too cold. If you own a raft and want to conserve space in your basement and garage, consider this two-in-one option used by Mike Morse. Remove boats, lifts, jet skis and other recreational items from the lake to prevent damage from ice.

If you are removing the boat yourself and storing it on your own property, don't take it out of water until you are ready to winterize it and flush out standing water, because water in the boat can freeze and cause damage if the temperature drops below 32 degrees.
It's also helpful to clean the hull immediately after removing the boat from the lake, because marine growth is easier to clean when the hull is wet. Avoid storing your boat near pine trees, if possible, because they can shed needles that become enmeshed in carpeting and fabric. Medium marine shrink wrapping kit includes every supply you need to shrink wrap your mid-size express cruiser with arches or a small fly bridge. Ripack 4'9" Combo Heat Gun Extension Ripack Heat Gun Combo Extension provides increased comfort in difficult to access areas. The only thing you will need in addition to this kit is the shrink film properly sized for your item in need of shrink wrap protection*. To avoid this, make sure all items are dry when you put them away, and store them in an area that has some ventilation, advised longtime Vandercook Lake residents. Store dock sections well away from shore, since the shoreline can change as ice contracts and expands. Store waterproof patio furniture on your raft, securing a tarp over the top of the raft as protection against the elements. This kit contains enough product for several boats or other items in terms of tape and strapping, perfect for a group purchase or several years of supplies for the shop or boat owner.

Read on to gather tips from more lake residents, marinas and other sources on how to make the most of fall preparations. Many hardware stores and local marinas can offer references, and marinas often provide the service for a fee. Part of the winterizing process involves applying a plastic "shrink-wrap" around the boat to prevent the elements or pests from damaging it, he added.
These signs of fall not only mark the turning of the seasons, but they usher in a new phase of maintenance for lake residents. The labor costs for dock removal can range from $15 to $25, depending on the width of the dock and the water depth involved. Time to roll up your sleeves, batten the hatches and put away the toys before the frost and mold claim them. These fees can range from $300, the typical cost associated with bringing a boat out of the water, shrink wrapping it and storing it on the owner's site, to $575 for a round-trip deal, in which the marina takes the boat out, winterizes it, shrink wraps it, stores it on marina property and cleans it and launches it in the water on the owner's property in the spring.

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