Additional Information: The boat would need to be picked up in Richmond, BC and transported to South Park Marina in Seattle, WA. Be sure to verify your DOT number to see if the information on file matches these requirements. April 11, 2012 by Philip Kazmierowicz  floating trailer that is capable of carrying up to 5000 lbs right down the launch ramp and into the water opens up a lot possibilities. April 2, 2012 by Philip Kazmierowicz Here is a video that we made a few years ago as a product video for our double decker pontoon boat.
For a few days, a few weeks, or (if you’re wealthier than I am) a few months, you feel like the most adventurous, fabulous,and impressively cultured person to step foot on this earth. I’m talking about the time you accidentally offended a whole crowd of locals while showing off your high school French skills, the time you fell off the tour boat in Oahu and lost your bathing suit, or the time you thought it was a good idea to rent a Vespa in Rome. That’s why, for your entertainment and education, I’ve compiled the top 5 stories of travel gone wrong as told (and experienced) by some of my poor dear traveling comrades. After a little while, we realized that the boat was moving slowly so we shut the engine off to restart and the whole boat started to tip over—like the front end was completely submerged and the motor was 3 feet out of the water.
We all started panicking and tried to get the water out with little shot glass-sized Dixie cups.
My family was in the process of moving and everything was kind of a mess so I grabbed a random bag from one of the moving boxes. Instead of kicking the girls out, they put us in another room that was really small with one double bed and a single cot (we are a family of four).
So when you’re having a dreadful vacation and you think things couldn’t POSSIBLY get worse, just remember these comforting tales and think “at least that didn’t happen to me.” More importantly, remember that even the most horrific mishap eventually makes for a wonderfully comical story.
If for any reason you don't activate your pass within a year of purchase, we'll give you a full refund. Our two story patio party boats are available from sunrise to sunset and are a great way to relax on the lake. These classic aluminum fishing boats will quickly take you any where wherever the fish are! Use the form below to delete this Paradise Series 290 Sundeck Pontoon Boat Travel Gadgets Travelizmo image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Pontoon Boats Archives Travel Gadgets Travelizmo image from our index.
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Come by and see the party barge and talk to the staff about what will make your party or team event so much fun on the water! Our Captains and crew will not only look out for the safety of you and your guests, but they will take your charter to the best part of the lake to make the party as best it can be to satisfy your guests.
Weekends and Holidays fill up fast, so if you are thinking of a party or a team event, get it on our calendar now.
The picture doesn't do it justice, you really have to see our 2 story 17' by 50' monster party barge to believe it.
A Midwest tradition for outdoor and sports enthusiasts, this year’s show will feature more than 400 exhibitors representing  boats, marine services, campers, travel trailers, travel destinations and outdoor recreation. Whether you’re in the market for a new boat or interested in seeing the most up-to-date marine innovation and technology, the Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show® has what you’re looking for. In addition to all of the boats, campers, and recreational fun, there are a number of seminars and classes to enjoy. The Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show gave us a number of tickets to give away to the 365Cincinnati readers! About Bridgett RaffenbergCincinnati lover, Mom, wife, travel enthusiast, Wordpress lover (not necessarily in that order).
AKA the Party Barge.  Rolling Barge makes Party Barges and Pontoon Boats on a custom basis only. Whether you’re hitting the road for a cross-country trip or leaving on a jet plane for far-away lands, something about traveling makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

I don’t want to hear about your so-absolutely-perfect-you-could-never-understand-how-it-felt-to-be-there-but-I’m-going-to-tell-you-anyway trip to Paris. What I love—what ALL people love—are the horror stories. Just as we got down to the water, a big wave came in…and brought with it oodles of jellyfish. As it turned out, the jellyfish weren’t poisonous, but their stings burned and itched unbelievably. The next morning at the airport, I put my carry-on bag on the conveyor belt and stepped through the gate…and security pulled me quickly out of line.
We were checking into a hotel and it was pretty late, so they gave my father the room key and he went up to open the room. Our plane back was scheduled for 8 am, so we left the hostel really early, but we got to the airport just before our plane was taking off. I was back in the dorm in an hour, but my friends didn’t return until 14 hours later, as they had to wait for the next flight at 10 pm. Custom built to carry up to 50 people with a gas grill, rest room, satellite radio and a crew to take you to your party on the lake.
The show will feature more than 90 boating and marine recreation brands represented by 25 dealers.
Subscribe to our 365Cincinnati email list (click here for form or sign up at end of the post) and then leave a second comment saying that you signed up for the newsletter too. This particular prize is a four pack of tickets to the 2014 Travel, Sports and Boat Show in Cincinnati. One big blueish-purple jelly slapped a boy right across the chest as the wave crashed into him. In turn, she had to call a family friend who worked at that airport to go in and straighten things out.
Top-of-the-line recreational, wakeboard, fishing and pontoon boats will be on display along with traditional canoes and kayaks. Campers, RVs and travel trailers will be on the exhibition floor for the third year in a row. I ran to the terminal and was told by a group of angry German flight attendants that my friends would not make it onto the plane, but I would if I ran up into the plane right then.
Four dealers representing 28 brands will open their doors for walk-in tours and expert advice.

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