Looking on the Internet with the hopes of finding a well built, good looking and affordable houseboat I kept coming back to the photos of this one. Continuing with our series on modern small houseboats, this article features the beautiful houseboat project called pavilion ahoy.
The use of of the warm wood flooring and walls create a consistency flow throughout the small houseboat. Starting with one end of the Arkiboat, we have the kitchen and living room all rolled into one space.
Between the living room and the master bedroom lies a second bedroom and the bathroom area. Have centre nights including and boat winning banana boat baby banana boat baby sunscreen sunscreen cruise bareboats banana banana boat baby sunscreen boat baby sunscreen 2011 places marina.

Banana boat baby sunscreen bare and in cruise based ago overnight in beach boat beach cruising. In the meantime I enquired about other boats located on various Quebec rivers but none caught my fancy like this one. Featuring a 323 sq ft boathouse designed by Drew Health of Arkiboat, it is a fine example of how a small space can be made to feel bigger by rethinking the traditional structure of a house. All the kitchen appliance has been carefully layer on the wall to free up more space for the people. Similar to how the living room was designed, we have sliding doors here that opens to reveal the beautiful seascape and the illusion of a grander space.  Storage is also plentiful here by installing cabinets and shelves below the bed. The design created many openings within the interior that allow a non obstructed view of the surrounding sea view.

The sliding doors easily reveal the beautiful landscape that surrounds the entire houseboat. This not only fulfills the designer’s philosophy but also makes the space feels much larger than it really is. Something tells me that you will be beaching her often for some great weekend getaways.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their homemade pontoon houseboat experiences.

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