This 1995 Harris 24' Heritage pontoon boat is in very nice condition both inside and outside. 1 owner, 1989 Lund Rebel 16' Tiller with a 1994 Yamaha 50 HP 2-stroke motor with electric start and a 1990 Yacht Club trailer. This 24 foot Crest Pontoon boat is in extremely condition inside and out and an outright take for the cash.

Packed with features, the take charge attitude of the 220 Bahia is generating a wealth of accolades from inshore anglers across the country. The carpet is in great condition, the upholstery is in great condition and it hasn't even been cleaned yet in the images.
The boat has actually been totally examined consisting of a compression test and is waiting for a full service consisting of oil and filter, tune up, lower device service and a brand-new impeller.

If you have been searching for a really great "prepared to go" huge, quality pontoon at a low low rate, here it is !!!

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