Used boat & watercraft consignment sales in Galax, Independence, Hillsville, Fries, Mount Airy NC, and surrounding area. We always have an assortment of good quality used boats with trailers on hand for sale and we also handle a few watercraft consignments. As a licensed Virginia watercraft dealer, Chestnut Creek Trading will provide all of the temporary paperwork necessary for the titling and registration of any boat purchased from us.For the best deal in town on your recreational watercraft, stop by or call and talk to Sam today!

Premier Marine is an independent business owned and operated by the Menne family since its founding in xxxx.
Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials. A Premier pontoon is a blend of the best in classic design, distinctive styling and superb engineering.

We have refined the art of pontoon building and employ the best designers, architects, engineers and assemblers to ensure that our product is second to none.

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