This 2000 HUSTLER Tandem Axle Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Trailer can haul most 8-8.5' wide by 25-30' long pontoon boats or pontoon houseboats.
When you are in search of more information on Hurricane boats, look no further than the Hurricane website.
Though they seem like calm cruisers, boats in the Hurricane FunDeck series can unleash their power at the blink of an eye. THE SOJOURN 135 is a day touring kayak for the masses that offers high initial stability pared with excellent speed and agility.

Special spring sale pricing in effect for a limited time, contact us for details!
Special spring sale pricing in effect for a limited time, Contact us for details!
Playbouy Pontoon Boat with 30 HP 1988 Evinrude Dependable for many years.Rebuilt carburetor.
Kept in covered slip until 2 weeks ago, 48hp Evinrude outboard motor, new starter recently installed, cd player, canopy, carpet, and upholstery all in good condition.

Like a beefed up pontoon, FunDeck models are perfect for a family that wants the luxury and comfort of a pontoon, but the speed, power and performance of a deck boat.
FunDeck boats provide the most space, comfortable seating and accessories of the Hurricane family without sacrificing much power.

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