For more fun add the Rave Sport Mega Storm 4-Person Towable to your Pontoon Boat Rental for only $75. The Rave Sport Mega Storm 4-Person Towable is a simple way to enjoy time out on the water with friends and family.
This bungee rope is included for FREE with the Rave Sport Mega Storm 4-Person Towable rental. The Pontoon Boat Rental promo is $395 per day (regular price $595 per day)…rent 2 days and get a day FREE! If the dates you prefer are available, please call us at 517-206-4916 or to make a reservation today!.

Filled with indulgent extras like luxurious upholstery with huge storage compartments below, an elegant oak cabinet galley, a dinette area, a cook top with stainless steel sink, a lockable head with a shower and an enclosed cabin with captain’s helm, the PARTY CRUISER® 32 takes pontoon fun to a whole new level. It can accommodate up to four riders with a maximum weight of 680 lbs, and it features a quick and convenient connect tow point. The lake offers an endless array of water sport opportunities for individuals seeking recreation and relaxation.
Our exclusive all aluminum DURA-DECK® construction, welded one-piece rub rail and large 26″ pontoons deliver optimum flotation. The towable water tube is constructed with durable 840D nylon cover that repels water and dirt and maintains it color.

You can depend on a smooth-riding, solidly built boat that’ll keep you and your friends entertained. It also includes three rear boarding straps, a large anti-chafe guard, a heavy-duty PVC bladder and eight foam-filled handles with EVA knuckle guards. It reduces wear and tear on tubes and riders too, by absorbing sudden jerks from slack in the line.

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