The main reason is because they are safe and easy to operate, require little maintenance, and so reasonably priced compared to cruisers or yachts. If you're looking to buy a new pontoon houseboat, we have some special pricing available to our readers.
Pontoon cylindrical tubes are the basic hull that the rest is built upon and range from 12 to 80+ ft.
Large sized Pontoon Boats range from 40-75ft or more, and are the "mega" boats that are becoming very popular. Are pontoons safe from damage and sinking?They are very safe since pontoon construction is similar to taking soft drink cans, and welding them together, end to end.
Can you use a pontoon houseboat for rough water?Because of the "low freeboard" you will find them mostly on lakes, rivers, and bays.

If the idea of building your own boat is on your list of things to do, than rest assured, with tools, material, and friends, it can now easily be done. Experience the outdoors with our Paddle Boats, also known as pedal boats, pedalboats or paddleboats. Kennedy Paddle Boats (Pedal Boats) are protected by a two-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship. We've teamed up with one of the leading aluminum pontoon houseboat manufacturers in the industry, and because of this we can offer you special new boat quotes here. They are generally made of Marine Grade Aluminum, and can be made of Steel, Fiberglass, Plastic, Wood. So in the event of a major impact, and a leak was to occur, only one chamber would have water in it.

With almost 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there can be room for sun tanning, diving or fishing. These components include, but are not limited to: plywood decking, seat vinyl, carpet, sun top materials, decals, etc. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

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