For Sale is a new unused in original box with all accessories Lowrance Elite 5 Chirp Sonar unit.
2006 - Sun Tracker by Tracker Marine - Party Barge 22 Regency in Lake Havasu City, AZ Pontoon boats sun tracker boats party barge 2Year: 2006 Pontoon boats sun tracker boats party barge 22 regency lake havasu city, az pontoon boats 24 ft.
2015 Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 18 DLX Leeds AL Pontoon boats sun tracker boats bass buggy 18Year: 2015 Pontoon boats sun tracker boats bass buggy 18 dlx leeds, al pontoon boats 20 ft.
2012 38' Edgewater 388 Center Console powered by Triple 300 hp Yamaha engines with only 485 hours!.

Aerated live well, round pontoons in good shape that are much easier to work with than the flat top ones, the floor is solid, all the railings and roof frame are in good shape. The roof is the large fold down type and could very easily be fixed with a tarp for a cover. With the condition of the boat and including a trailer and all the good parts it's easily worth the price and I buy and sell boats so I'm aware of the value and what a solid trailer is worth.
We moved and now I'm busy remodeling and building bookcases and other things so the boat project is on hold.

Some of the pics were taken before I unloaded all the junk from moving I had loaded on the boat.

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