The pontoon boats by PEREBO are primarily based on the floating body system PT01 and can be used in various fields. Generally, when buying a PEREBO pontoon boat you benefit from its single floats made of polyethylene.
If you are looking for a recreational pontoon boat, we offer you for example this boat with a deck structure made from lightweight and durable GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic). If you have decided to buy a pontoon boat, you have chosen a reliable companion for your trips on the water.
Even for work assignments a motor catamaran by PEREBO will always exceed your expectations. You can design your new pontoon boat according to your desires – there is virtually no limit for customer wishes. This material is particularly enjoyed by fisherman because it can easily be cleaned. Of course you can alternatively choose a supporting structure of the boat made of classic materials such as aluminum or steel.

The advantages of PEREBO pontoon boats for leisure activities are already being felt during loading.
Even when ordering the pontoon boat in catamaran construction method, you have the choice between different toppings and substructures. In the following paragraphs we would like to show you how flexible pontoon boats by PEREBO are and the advantages resulting from this.
Finally, you will appreciate the large boat deck area that is often not available in other boats. The multipurpose working boats are suitable for the transportation of equipment or goods and as a special boat for different applications. If you wish, you can request accessories such as a lifting device – mounted directly on the pontoon boat deck. We are happy to provide your new pontoon boat with accessories such as matching seat cushions, a railing or a boat ladder.

Among other things, they are used by the police to control of waters or to perform recovery operations.
Last, but not least, due to the low depth of the boat, there is a low fuel consumption of the engine. Moreover, in order to use your pontoon boat for a long time, particular attention was given to a high resistance of the floating bodies to chemicals.

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