Welcome to Pontoon Porch!Bring the luxuries from home right down to the waters with our product. Make a ReservationTo make a reservation for the boat, please browse our calendar to find out what times are available, and submit the online request above the calendar.
About the BoatPontoon Porch is a floating two-level boat with a screened in porch and enough space for up to 30 passengers.
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Above is a Rettey 6'x12' Little Cruiser with standard railings with three gates, and a canopy in the down position. Above are components of a complete 6'x14' basic kit: the Undercarriage with Pontoons, Deck Trim, and Railing.
The 6'x12' and 6'x14' Little Cruisers are rated to carry four passengers and from electric to 10 hp gas motors.
The "Skinnys have a new front pontoon design combined with our standard tough features.
The 32" Nose Pontoons are designed and built for less resistance in the water and speed. With the extra center pontoon you will notice a big difference in stability when you step on the front of your boat. You can purchase individual plastic pontoon sections or rows and you can purchase the pontoons with or without the aluminum z-bar connectors. Our Kits Parts break down into individual cartons which can be shipped individually through FedEx, UPS, or USPS.
Covers for party barges and deck boats may either fully cover the entire boat, or Black Dog Design can manufacture covers for the individual elements of the boat, such as the console, the top, or the upholstery.  All offer good protection for your boat during periods of non-use. During the times that your boat is in the water, your expensive trailer is subject to rain and sun exposure.  Consider a custom cover for this important part of your investment.
Here are recent articles describing various boat cover projects completed by Black Dog Design, Inc. This custom drop skirt blends with the manufacturers covers and protects the sides of the boat from its nose all around, including the swim platform.
Much of Black Dog Design’s work can be seen in this photograph of sailboats at Mountain Harbor.
The photograph above shows boat covers, bimini tops and frames, mainsail covers, line bags, helm covers, and even a cover to protect the boat name on the stern from the elements.

The custom covers on this Hunter sailboat not only protect the mainsail, cockpit and bimini, but there is also a cover to protect the boat’s artwork on its stern! All projects are custom and require careful measurement and the making of patterns prior to cutting and sewing the fabrics. This was a special order barge from Veranda Boat Company whose customer wanted to be able to use the boat in all seasons.  Veranda came to Black Dog Design to provide this special enclosure. The clear enclosure with replaceable screen panels allow the owners of this party barge to enjoy it all year! Screened panels can replace the clear windows in the enclosure for bug-free breezes in the summertime.
The wonderful thing about clear enclosures is how easily they heat up with very little sun in cold weather.
The very sweet couple who bought this new boat wanted us to make a boat cover to protect their new toy. After the cover was complete, they decided to add a drop skirt for the side from nose to stern to cover the entire starboard side for sun protection. The skirt is removable for towing the boat, yet the boat can be towed at highway speeds with the cover in place. Our customers purchased this fine cruiser, but they were not happy with the canvas work that came with it.
This snap-on, tight-fitting tonneau cover is secure enough for the boat to be towed at highway speeds.
The cover fits securely enough that the boat can be towed at highway speeds with the cover in place.
We were able to style the additional skirt to work with what he had.  Click on a photo below to see larger images of this project.
This cover features ratchets instead of snaps to quickly and easily secure the cover over the entire barge’s body. This particular customer asked for an extra zip-on section in the back to protect the pontoon area as well. Black Dog Design is located near beautiful Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, about 25 miles west of Hot Springs, AR, at the intersection of Highway 270 and Mountain Harbor Road. A cross between a house boat and a pontoon boat allows Pontoon Porches to provide a superior level of comfort.
After submitting the form and providing your contact information, your reservation will be listed as pending. We rented this Pontoon Porch for the day complete with a kitchen, bathroom and our very own driver and grill master! Have a blast at your shower tonight, and I can’t wait to hear all about the bachelorette boat and flapper outing!

Having either style of our 4' nose pontoons installed under the center front adds a great deal of stability to any of our boats.
The difference is that it has an additional standard center nose pontoon that has been moved forward 16". A less expensive way to ship is to consolidate the cartons on a stretch wrapped skid and ship it via LTL trucking. Bimini frames can be fabricated according to customers’ wishes and the space available on the boat. The great thing about screen or scrim panels is that there is airflow through the boat, but bugs cannot get in.
And, this cover is basically as easy to use as a regular cover, only it has more fabric involved. The cover actually ratchets under the bottom rail of the boat and covers the entire body as well as the motor. Paul used Do-It-Yourself PlasDECK products to help achieve a unique new look for a customer’s pontoon boat. The customer is overwhelmed by how good it looks! The decking is superb!” writes Tom Sweeney, owner of BoatArt. After the boat, all of us girls will be heading back to my place and get ready for the evening. If you are pulling up to the shoreline you will also find that a Skinny will get your deck a little closer to the shore making it easier to get on and off your boat. The customer shipped the clear panels back to Black Dog Design, and they were used for a pattern to make the screen enclosure panels.
The scrim also has a sun protection factor and is a good choice for people who have sun issues yet still need to be out on the water with nature.
Since we are all pretty spread out and most have to travel to get to Madison, I can’t tell you how much it means to have everyone in one place. When the skid arrives you can cut the stretch wrap and lift the cartons off the truck one at a time. This rental service is perhaps one of the most innovating boat products to come along in the past 25 years. My friend, Lindsay even made this amazing cupcake dress for dessert–doesn’t she just do any amazing job?! Pontoon Porch offers maximum stability while gliding through the water which allows guest from all walks of life to enjoy this unique boating experience.

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