To full fill these demands the solution became to design the boat according to the newly revised D-Canoe rule. The centreboard is retractable and the rudder is collapsible which gives a depth of just 16 cm. The quality level you find in Tejst is usually associated with much bigger and far more expensive yachts. When Canoe & Kayak Magazine tested this hull, they said, "Few canoes match the smooth paddling performance of this one.
Ideal as both a fast racing boat, yet stable enough to take the family out at the weekend too. Ultralite construction is a Lightweight Kevlar skin with foam core ribs and floor, giving rigidity where required without compromising on weight. With a hull shape similar to that of our most popular solo canoe the Prism, the Wenonah Canak is great for solo lake camping when the capacity and portability of a canoe is needed, and the touring ability of a kayak is desired. Ultra-light hulls have a "skincoat", showing the fabric's color on the interior and exterior.
The International 10 Square Metre Canoe is the world's fastest single-handed monohull sailing dinghy, with a unique feature of a sliding seat that enables the helm to place his or her weight a long way out from the side of the hull. It is a boat with a narrow bow entry and a planing hull, carrying a mainsail, and a jib (sometimes self tacking).
The combination of an easily driven hull with a highly developed and efficient sail plan, and the powerful righting moment afforded by the (single) crew positioned well away from the hull centerline provides possibly the most exhilarating and technically challenging sailing experience available in a mono-hulled craft. The origins of the class can be traced back to the 1860s, and International competition with boats that are recognisably ancestors of the current boats started in 1884. Peter Nethercott made the most recent changes to the Canoe hull a€“ which has remained a basic one-design since 1971. Rig control systems have improved alongside sailing techniques, with wood being superseded by carbon as the favoured material for hulls and decks, in addition to spars.

The most recent innovation is the asymmetric spinnaker, which has resulted in the class being split between those racing in IC Classic (ICC) or IC Asymmetric (ICA) mode.
The clientsa€™ wishes were for a fast, easily operated, habitable boat that also could be raced. Besides you can reach places where no one else dare to go, the centrebord function makes the boat easy to get on to a trailer. You will not find any compromises in a Tejst; everything is built and constructed to meet the highest demand. SA¶rvik BA?t & TrA¤ have a long experience of High-tech building as well as traditional building methods. The one of a kind bow and stern storage compartments are spacious and more accessible than standard kayak hatches for easy loading and unloading of canoe camping sized packs (rectangular packs up to 5500 cubes fit in the bow and 7000 cubes fit in the stern). They are ideal for speed and distance paddling and for all people or conditions that demand the lightest gear. The wings just aft of the middle of the boat are now commonplace on most C1 designs and are there to meet the beam requirement of the rule. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Stability is achieved with a sliding seat on which the single crew member sits, effectively controlling the boat from 'outside'.
Thirty years seems like a long time to retain the same shape, but there are minimal restrictions to deck layout and sail plan, so long as the main and jib only add up to 10sq m. Stiffer, lighter boats mean that 10kg of the all-up weight can now be provided by correctors, keeping older boats in the class happy until the time comes for weight reduction all round.
Around 20-25 boats turn out for most open meetings, with all boats currently raced less than five years old. Further more this boat should be single-handed, trail able and with a minimum of maintenance.

This is how Gustav von Heine, 70, expressed himself after the first seasons trails a€?During the summer I was out sailing about 40 times. 13 sqm sail area for a displacement of just 360 kilos is fair.A  To achieve a good righting moment there are 180 kilos of ballast, 150 kilos internal and 30 kilos in the centreboard. In our Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are laminated into the hull and sides. Forward and aft of that point the hull narrows quickly to reduce weight, wetted surface and beam.
Hayling Island SC has the biggest fleet, while Ullswater SC packs the most talent having scored 1-2-3 at the nationals and 1-2 at the Europeans.
Several parts are made of carbon fibre using the latest technology, for example; all spars, centreboard, rudder and rudder head and hiking boards. The floor mounted sliding seat and adjustable kayak style foot braces make this boat as comfortable as any large cockpit kayak.
The narrow beam just forward of the wings provides an ideal location to finish the paddling stroke without having to reach to over a wide gunnel.This construction project is for the advanced builder as the shapes to be planked around the wing are challenging. Tejst is a wonderfully boat, which both the experienced racing sailor and the a€?just for funa€? sailor can enjoya€?. Tesjt has shown itself to be not just stiff it is also really fast, manoeuvrable and well balanced. Kevlar®, the fiber used for aerospace, body armor and bulletproof vests, is amazingly light and strong.

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