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It comes with the quality 3kg servo, water cooled big size 75 Amp ESC and a powerful F500 2080KV outrunner brushlessmotor. RTR Ready to Run (RTR) vehicles come as pre-assembled kits that may require minimal assembly. Limited Time Offer - As a thank you for your patronage we are offering free shipping on most orders over $99*, within the 48 contiguous United State (exclusions shown below). Orders using our free super saver shipping option may take up to 10 business days for delivery as the most cost effective shipping method will be used. Free Super Saver Shipping is not available on international orders - valid only on orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. The Minimono represents a new breed of boat: a mini-sized model equipped with a brushless motor and an ESC designed for a LiPo battery!

New Products Hot Deals Top Brands Top Sellers Tutorials Support CheckoutHOLIDAY Sale!• Take 15% OFF!• Take 10% OFF! Buy China wholesale rc boat brushless motor products from Looking for Electric Boat Kits, RC Parts, accessories or kits? With a super fast water cooled motor, the boat hasplenty of power to run in pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, bays, and even the ocean!
The fiberglass mono 1 step bottom hull is handmade with FRP fiberglass and comes with a super smooth gel coat finish.
It allows water to enter one side of the hull in the event of a turnover allowing the boat to naturally flip over right side up. The almost ready to run version comes equipped with a B2848-3300KV water cooled brushless motor with a 75 amp brushless electronic speed controller. If you are looking for one of the best onthe market then this is it and we're selling them at a price even below what most shops sell plastic kits for!
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It comes out of the box with the hull polished to a mirror like shine with streamline design. Lots of Videos of 30 to This highly detail 1:325 scale Titanic replica boat is powered by triple 360 motors. Each single parts and the hull are finished by Hand Made procedures, which really givingyou an outstanding finishing outlook. This boat is perfect for Mono competitions or tearing up ponds, rivers, lakes, and can pretty much any body of water. The fiberglass material not only making this model much stronger than a normalboat, but also minimize the friction across the aquatic medium during accelerations.

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