The lid is now on and other things like the radio box were secured in and sealed.  I also made up a bracket to support the rear of the pipe. Very close now but just not quite enough hours in the weekend to get it watertight and ready for it’s maiden voyage.  A special thanks to Tim for helping me out too! Ok, so now i’ve got the fuel tank all sorted, the Flex drive is all installed and set in epoxy too.
Ok, some time ago (just over a year now) I decided that the whipper snipper in the shed with a broken flex shaft had more to accomplish in life other than the tasks of a mere garden tool.  It was with this that i decided to build a boat! While some of them are easy so significantly hat anyone can do it others are difficult and require a tremendous amount of skill.
Join Date Feb 2008 Location Lake Elsinore, CA Posts 2,986 Originally Posted by kennyg Do some Sanger flats and I'm in. User Name: Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site. The owner of this company is Dave Pardo of Novato,California.These pics are of #1 and #3 out of the mold.

The boat is scaled right off of a 1969 rayson craft 20 foot gn race boat that still races today.
The boat is 48 inches long it will come with stringers and transom already installed (plywood)and 5 inches apart. This is under the luxury boat class and it will take a great deal of talent to put these together Wooden Rc Boat Kits . The boat is made of vinylester resin and will come as a basic as a ready for paint version in primer for $325 plus freight.The burgandy boat is a painted version with the hull and deck that has been caped just like the real boat,no seam and the deck has a hydro graphics wood grain deck on it. Boats for adult use are typically more expensive, more difficult to control, and less durable than children s RC boats. This is boat #3 and I will be rigging it with some one off hardware by Vinny Marra and a custom built 26 Zen by Jim Osbourne. The other boat is #1 and is a static model that a customer has ordered to recreate the boat he had when he was a yound man. The boat has custom built tuck and roll interior balsa parkay flooring in the rear and will be sitting on a trailer.

This is the black one in the pics that is not done yet.Dave is also building a scale version of one of the most desirable vdrive race and pleasure boats the 21 foot Schiada origanlly designed by Leonard Schiada of Gardena,California. All of Daves boats are a cad design and the plugs were built from a foam block on a cnc machine so they are very straight. Historical scale model boat kit timber trucks product designed to handle R C Radio kit steam Paddle Wheeler.
This is the primary cause as is something that looks nice and is admired by people verily that many good parts can be offered to you at exceptional prices! Occasionally they take a long time to make and also asks a lot of strength but at the end of the activity that will be remaining happy and very satisfied experience so it is worth the energy it will take.

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