I have no idea who these race-dudes are but the picture clearly illustrates the size, "wheelbase" and width of the special 100 meter course 4-lap solo racing small outriggers from Japan (they are not 5-lap heatracing boats). This is what the US guys here below have been inspired by, a typical Japanese outrigger (21 size).
I hope we start getting more an more heatracing boats that starts to look and work a little different then the current style boats (including my own designed versions). Freebie drawing of a KEP's FE-4S P-Open 4-cell LiPo Brushless in-runner Outrigger Electric Hydroplane.
Freebie drawing of a P-Limited 4-cell LiPo Brushless in-runner Outrigger Electric Hydroplane. Hydrofoam is a new exciting type of foam plane, and there has been a huge following of this phenomena across the world. If you collect vehicles capable of epic speed and your hunger runs beyond land based vehicles of the two or four wheel variety, the scope of your collection has been handcuffed.
So if you own a company called Bad Ass Diecast (BAD) and a diehard fan of drag boat racing do you allow yourself to be limited like this?

Top Fuel Hydro or TFH boat racing is a sport that takes a driver with the heart of a lion, an owner with the wallet of a tycoon and the engineering savvy of John Force. There are parts of the model you’ll want to linger over on several occasions in order to appreciate all the eye candy.
If you thought the opening cockpit was special, go ahead and remove the capsule (note: do not attempt to remove by grasping the tie out on the roof – grasp the capsule on either side pull gently). Overall you have to be impressed by this model, both by the dedication of BAD to give the hobbyist as many functional parts as possible and the craft of the production. The opening cockpit with its nearly transparent hinging, functional metal steering mechanism and canopy support struts.
With the escalating price of models, it’s rare these days to say you’ve got a bargain when the model retails for over $100 – but in this case you do. If you’re Stan Gill, the proprietor of BAD, you do and the result is a remarkable model like the Hot Licks TFH (Top Fuel Hydro) drag boat.
TFH boats race across lakes and reservoirs from California to Florida from April to November.

The racing harness holds the driver in a Spartan seat and an oxygen bottle mounted between the driver’s legs. In Japan there is a special type of time trial racing on super short 100 meter course 4-lap event where you race solo runs on your own vs the clock. If the escape capsule is deployed, the bottle acts as a lifeline for the driver providing twenty minutes of oxygen. This is NOT a heatracing boat "testing" and not a style of rigger the Japanese guys compete in heatracing with. The "Jap" heatracing 5-lap riggers are more traditional designed and are generally bigger then what you see in the video.

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