Like a full size boat, have the kids build something that will sail well or they will loose interest soon. As a kid, me and my friend set some basic design rules and started our own mini Americas Cup. Most problems people have with cheap plastic RC boats is they don't protect the electronics very well.
Seal the reciever in a balloon with cable ties and silicon where the wires exit the balloon. For those who want a good, simple, and cheap timber RC boat that requires standard radio gear and no need for the expensive sail winch servo then check out these boats. They take a day or two to finish the rigging and install the radio gear and they preform well. I built one of their Soling one meter kits in the late 1980's and I remember that it was a very high quality kit with excellent instructions. Several of us at Solomons Island model Boat Club (aka SIMBC) have been building RG65 class boats. David, if you ned any pointers on doing the RC rigging, just end me an e-mail (it is on my web page or you can go through this board). Finding the original Tamiya Sail Crew set is diificult however the Tamiya Auto Pit Crew Set uses the same figures and actually has 2 additional figures. If you don't tack the crew, they will be swept away ( or drag feet) when on leeward side of boat ! Just have a skipper and tactician ----and tell anyone that asks ---- the crew is down below and off-watch.

I used velcro to sercure them to the deck, but found it was not strong enough to hold them firmly in place.
Views: 133 Big John is under the hat, and the other old guy under the white hair is Boomer (Rick) Sharing the a day on the lake and a few adult beverages.
Free boat design resources - ' , Free boat design resources from around the web updated 5th february 2010. Origami sailboat (folding instructions) - youtube, This video demonstrates fold traditional origami sailboat. Origami car, boat, vehicles - origami resource center, This page dedicated origami car vehicles including, trucks, vans, rockets, buses, trains, wagons .. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. All the RC gear was sealed in a lunchbox container and I dug out an area in the deck for it to sit in. Most of these designs come from South America, so a knowledge of Spanish is helpful but not necessary. I decided that the building experience was important so I bought a nice wood scale model kit and will make a go of getting it to sail. Al Suydam teaches a class that builds hard chined 36" boats and has almost everybody racing on Saturday morning. My boat with the figures is a design published (Amy)in Flying Model Magazine back in 1987, it was a preposed AMYA racing class but i do not believe it ever reached sanction status. One of the best of many good things about this Hobby is there is no end to learning new skills, knowledge and having fun.

Each crew member is wrapped in a sealed bag, and set in a protective tray which was also sealed from Tamiya. It doesn't come assembled or painted like the RTW crew) I think the tire changing crew are in positions to be adapted to a sailboat, easier than the racing pit team. I've seen many static display kits that would be very appealing, but precious few attractive RC sailboats that don't run into the hundreds. Because the RTW crews are extinct now, I put life lines on each crew member just to play it safe. You have done some very nice customization of your rigging, which my be educational to others. I built it as a semi-scale, was my first scratch building project over ten years ago, did not really know what I was doing, having been an RC car racing guy and there was no other RC Sailboaters around here at the time. One idea I had (which makes me suspicious) is why not build the static model, add some balast, waterproof with epoxy and throw in a couple of servos. One idea I had (which makes me suspicious) is why not build the static model, add some ballast, waterproof with epoxy and throw in a couple of servos. I know it's not practical to biring your boat from Germany, but it would be pretty neat to have three of these beautiful boats sailing together! I have attached a few pictures of my buddies Yamaha (Big John), and mine sailing together on a lazy spring day while sharing a few adult beverages.

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