Xcursion Pontoon Boat Dealer in Vermont – Uncompromised Luxury at an Affordable Price. Experience the comfort, sophistication and industry leading construction of an Xcursion pontoon from Boat Headquarters in St.
We carry variety of models, sizes, and options to match you with your ideal Xcursion pontoon boat, but we can order anything right from the manufacturer and have it sent to our Swanton boat dealership.
With this pontoon boat, you can kick off your on-the-water adventure with a thrilling ride to your favorite cove, thanks to the three logs with performance strakes.

Instead, the aft boarding platform and ladder make this the perfect platform for a cannonball competition.
Xcursion by Forest River Marine offers plans including stern lounge, traditional cruising, entertainment, and fishing. Once there, reel in the fun with fore and aft fishing positions, complete with rod holders. Entertain your friends and family in style with a Model RF, or reel in an award winner with one of Xcursion’s fishing models.

Xcurion pontoon boats also feature a longer nose cone to enhance speed, reduce fuel usage, and provide a more comfortable ride.

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