We have ordered CNC milled moulds and a pre-series will be manufactured during spring 2011. Here you will find a comprehensive collection of information about RC sailing and related products. News feed – We provide a news feed with General RC sailing news, information about RC sailing in Switzerland, results and much more.
Goodies - You will also find useful documents for boat construction, trim, racing and maintenance. Links – Under our links page you can find many interesting links for the beginner as well as the experienced RC sailors. The site is online since the January, 2011 and it will be under development during the year. We have chosen to provide this site only in English, the simple reason is that it is just not possible for us to provide a multi lingual site, it takes too much time and my written French is not good enough. This is the prototype cat from Joysway that we are working on - can use the same rigs as the DF - might be able to adapt this for the ice!!

This is the prototype cat from Joysway that we are working on - can use the same rigs as the DF !!! Sorry to show my ignorance but as long as I have an AU distributer who will fill my orders without hassle, that's all I need. Our Laerke 65 is a well known RG 65 racing yacht designed by Soren Andresen.The Laerke 65 performs great in all conditions.
The design will permit a very accurate weight which in conjunction with our planned new fins will land on exactly 2490g with a light coat of painting on the it, all without the not so pleasant fairing of lead. With our webshop, a download area and a news feed you will hopefully find this site useful. The webshop is still under development, all products are not there yet, but we are working continuously to update the shop. The site is far from compleat and new things are added continously, but everything is posted so you can just subscribe (RSS) to this site and you will be informed directly. As English is the universal language in the world of sailing I hope that it won’t make too much trouble for you as a reader.

I did see that Buzz Coleman was first in DF65 class, but would love to know where that was overall.
Boats will be ready for sea-trials during April and deliveries will begin during June, ready for the European Championship 2011 in August here in Switzerland. Payment methods will be improved during the year and for the moment you can put in orders and pay upon arrival of the goods. I will try to implement a translation tool, meanwhile I would suggest you to use Google Translate. When it comes to order of boats you will have to contact us for a production slot and to make a customised specification.

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