Cookies are files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience. These cookies allow us to count page visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site, using a service provided by Google Analytics. Marine and industrial environments subject materials to harsh conditions that demand optimum and maintenance-free performance over extended periods of operation. By applying up-to-date composite materials technology to industrial and marine engineering challenges, the elimination of corrosion and fatigue in major components, particularly structural fixings and connector components exposed to seawater, can significantly reduce maintenance requirements.
Composite materials have been used extensively in a marine environment since the late 1950's and their durability is well proven in applications including sailing and motor vessels, buoys and buoyancy, pontoons, etc. The majority of high performance craft are now manufactured from combinations of composite materials combined using a range of different manufacturing processes. PE Composites has been providing industrial and marine customers with composite fabrications and precision machined solutions since 1982.
Today our marine and industrial customers include many global engineering leaders and PE Composites are helping pioneer the use of composites into new areas of application such as ocean energy - tidal stream generation devices. We supply the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) with inshore lifeboats and Griffon Hoverworks with Kevlar and carbon fibre hovercraft propeller ducts ranging in size between 3-5 metres diameter and designed to cope with the most extreme load cases and environmental conditions.
With our onsite extensive advanced composite structure manufacture and production facilities, we are able to produce small or large-scale composite structures. The power plant uses a JOHN DEER 4045 TFM 50 M1 main engine, which drives the ordinary propeller to advance the fishing boat. Company Brief :Hubei Machinery&Equipment International Limited is an international group dealing with various categories of boats, projects of ship building as per customer's design. By the mid 1990s, Humber had become one of the most prolific RIB manufacturers in the UK, over 11,000 rigid inflatable boats have been built since the first model. The Humber RIB has for a long time been known for its no-nonsense, strong and robust design and workmanship. Although the Humber RIB has historically been best known in the commercial market, the Humber RIB also offers a wide range of models, colours, and console options making them the first choice for many leisure users, the boats reputation for providing value for money, in combination with their overall robust build, has established the brand to what it is today with second hand Humber RIB’s holding there value in the market place. With the exception of the Humber Sea Pro Tender & Coastal RIB series, a key feature of Humber rigid inflatable boats is a deep V-shaped hull, which helps give the boats strong sea-keeping ability, cushioning the impact of the waves and providing users with a dry and comfortable ride. The Humber rigid inflatable boat range is comprehensive, with the portfolio comprising six main series as well as a conventional Inflatable line. The combination of high strength, low weight, advanced deep ‘V’ hull design, together with its sheer high bow and unique tapered keel planing surface produces excellent results whatever the sea state. The Ocean Pro ‘Attaque Classic’ was responsible for Humber branching out from the pure inflatable boat market. The original concept of this unique craft was designed and perfected years ahead of her time with her outstanding offshore performance capabilities. The Ocean Pro 2.28m beam was developed and modified from the highly successful Ocean Pro ‘Attaque’ RIB.

A noticeable high raised bow is a specific design enhancement for the wider beamed Ocean Pro ranges. Renowned for outstanding sea keeping capabilities the Ocean Pro 2.34m beam has proven itself flexible for all types of applications. Appealing to all applications, this model is the preferred choice for many professional organizations including Commercial, Rescue and Government. Sporting a unique multi chine deep V hull, a high sheer bow and over sized tube, this model range has proven its superiority and status as the UK’s number one choice. Designed with maximum versatility which would meet the demands of the professional dive, rescue and commercial operators, whilst its stylish good looks appeals to the sports and leisure user alike. Web site managed by Small World Systems LtdRegistered Office: 14 Cottesbrooke park, Heartlands, Daventry, NN11 8YL. If you have a requirement, and you are unsure if composites would provide a technically and commercially viable solution, why not contact us and find out the facts? We also offer inflatable sport boat, fiberglass fishing boat, speed fiberglass boat, luxury fiberglass yacht, center console fiberglass boat, and more. With close to 30 years' international trade experience, we are dedicated in providing high quality made-in-China products to overseas market.
With customers ranging from commercial, military, dive clubs and leisure, the Humber RIB is acclaimed for being a utilitarian, reliable and affordable boat brand – the Land rover of the sea. A caravan maker by trade and a keen diver, Frank had the idea of making an inflatable boat for his dive club. Humber remains a family-run business with Frank’s son, Andrew Roffee now in charge of the company, which is based in Hull, Yorkshire. There appearance has been of a basic, no frills look, which is associated with the traditional, heavy-duty commercial rigid inflatable boats. Both are easy to launch and recover and have the capabilities to operate in shallow waters inaccessible to a deeper V hull. The Assault range of RIBs has been without doubt one of the best selling, high performance, versatile RIBs available on the market today. The Destroyer range of RIBs were designed and developed through recognition of the concept of a rigid inflatable boat’s sea keeping capabilities. The most amazing characteristics of these superb looking craft are their ability to ‘grip’ the water enabling sharp responsive high speed turns. In 1970 our development programme of new builds evolved to what is now recognised the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). This enables the craft to be used in a greater variety of applications such as dive clubs or the serious sports or leisure user wishing to venture into rougher waters. Sporting superior looks the unique multi chine deep V hull design combined with a high sheer bow creates unrivalled performance in rough water conditions. Offering the ultimate in all round performance and handling whilst enduring the harshest of sea conditions.

The client can get a kind of unforgettable pleasure from the drive of the boats equipped with separate control system.
Our main line covers fiberglass boats with a great variety purposes, inflatable boats such as inflatable sport boat, rigid inflatable raft, canoe, and banana boat, inflatable tent, inflatable boat accessories, out board engines, as well as costumed boats etc. His new invention was an instant hit with the diving community and soon the inaugural Humber Attaque RIB was launched.
Unique in its field and a popular fleet boat, organizations including British Antarctic Survey have operated this model range in extreme Antarctic conditions for over 20 years.
This model has endured extensive sea trials in the harshest of conditions to achieve, without doubt, a perfect performing RIB that is in a class of its own.
Any short attempt to become airborne end with a soft landing as the perfectly formed deep ‘V’ irons out the shock of re-entry. Over time, this product became responsible for the launch of the entirely new Ocean Pro range that is inextricably linked with dive clubs and divers the nation over. This design has the enviable record as the first Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) to cross the Atlantic single handed and unaided. It enables a broader usage of the craft and offers a more generous beam with wider raised deck thus maximizing load and carrying capabilities. The Ocean pro 2.28m beam travels at higher speeds whilst maintaining all of the Attaque’s excellent sea keeping and handling characteristics.
The Ocean Pro is ideal for RIB cruising as its generous wide beam offers a more sociable cruise style console and seating arrangement.
We have a number of subordinative professional manufacturers supplying high quality boats and boat accessories.All the inflatable boats are made of high quality PVC materials imported from South Korea.
It is also popular choice with River Authorities, Police, Fire and Rescue organizations who benefit from its shallow draft and versatility. It lifts easily onto the plane and maintains higher speeds with heavier loads than other comparable craft. Since inception, the Ocean Pro range has been largely responsible for the growth of the RIB industry. This feature also produces greater comfort and perceived safety when underway in offshore conditions. Unlike may other RIB manufacturers we offer an extensive range of accessories for individual customisation. The material is of high-intensity, high air tightness and water resistance, accepted by all customers from international markets. The Assault is easy to launch, can be towed by the average family car and fits in most garages.

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