Cobra is of one of the UK's leading rigid inflatable boat brands and was one of the first family leisure RIBs.
The history of Cobra RIBs dates back to 1969 with the establishment of Picton Boats in Bridgend, South Wales by expert boat builder Dave Picton. The ownership of Picton Boats and the Cobra rigid inflatable boat portfolio changed hands in March 2007, when the company was purchased by Dorset-based entrepreneurs Stephen Arkell and Malcolm Patrick. Originally conceived for commercial use, Cobras were widely used by dive clubs and were renowned for their excellent build quality and sea-keeping ability in the British coastal waters. The creation of the Cobra Nautique luxury family leisure boat range has brought the Cobra RIB brand to a much wider audience and the family boats have gained a reputation for combining safety with speed. A pioneer in the development of the family leisure RIB sector, Picton Boats was among the first boat builders to experiment with sculpted seating, forward seating areas and sunbeds on RIBs. Cobra RIBs also boast a unique a dual purpose driver seat design, meaning that the driver of the boat can either sit in the seat as if it were an armchair or stand and lean against the seat, using it as a back support. Another stand-out feature of Cobra RIBs is their deep V-shaped performance hull, the design of which helps give them strong sea-keeping ability.
The majority of Cobra RIBs are powered by outboard engines but there are a number of inboard models available, all of which are sized 8.5m and upwards. Outboard-powered Cobra RIBs can also be used with other engines, such as Evinrude E-Tec, Yanmar, Tohatsu, Optimax and Mariner.
By 1995 the Special Operations Command (SOC) found the 10 meter Interceptor Fastboats RIB design, on which initial developmental efforts were focused, unsatisfactory and adopted a new strategy for development of a RIB to meet Special Operations Forces requirements. Early testing was done with close teamwork between OPTEVFOR and the combat users to maximize the perspectives of each. A highly successful acquisition program, the NSW RIB was delivered to the combat teams in just over two years from program initiation to first unit equipped.

While it is too early to make final logistical and O&M comparisons of the NSW RIB to the existing boats, reliability has been much better than for the older craft. Engine Rotax 4-TEC SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder with multi-port fuel injection; , Closed-loop cooling , Displacement 1494 cc , Bore x Stroke 100 mm x 63.
When you are in the water, it is all about having a hard body and that is what the Uniesse 48 Hardtop Sport Boat is all about. No comment here, please write a first comment for this product Rib 1450 4 Engines Boat (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) ! Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it.
The Cobra RIB - the Volvo Estate of the sea - has a reputation for reliability, value for money, good performance and a quality finish. Picton Boats first entered the RIB sector in 1989, drawing on a background of powerboat design and construction, with the creation of the Picton Cobra rigid inflatable boat. Picton Boats was amongst the first RIB companies to recognise the potential of RIBs as family leisure craft, a realisation that led to the launch of the Cobra Nautique RIB brand, a luxury family rigid inflatable boat line. The two Cobra RIB enthusiasts have promised to develop the Cobra RIB range in the UK and across Europe. These comfortable rigid inflatable boats give a dry, smooth ride and possess good rough water handling capabilities. Every Cobra Nautique RIB is now fitted with a bench seat at the rear which is designed for family use. The Cobra 6.6m features a higher bow shear and slightly tapered tubes, giving it the performance capabilities of its larger stablemates. This sleek looking boat features a higher bow shear and slightly tapered tubes as well as a new sunbed stowage box and a new contoured bench.

Prototypes from competing vendors were developed and tested all the way to acceptance trials and final source selection.
This leads SOCOM to expect the overall parts and maintenance costs to be lower than for the existing craft.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The rugged, seaworthy, versatile 36-foot RIB has a 200 nautical miles range at 32 knots, with a 45 knot top speed. The early testing with contractor prototypes was so operational in nature that the OT&E was completed in the source-selection phase before a production contract was let. 6 m , Weight 220 KG , Frame from Oak and Fir cinker planking , Price EUR 2250 , CE aprooved.
The testing was so operationally realistic that normal classical TECHEVAL and OPEVAL were canceled entirely. The NSW RIB testing covered 10,000 nautical miles, in hot and cold, rough and calm extremes, with five SEAL insertion missions, and C-130, C-141, and C-5 flight tests. The IOC units are exhibiting simplified support and cheaper parts costs due to the COTS components in engines and propulsion systems.
Overall the Navy and SOCOM are satisfied enough with the program to be actively considering a reduction of the deployment logistical support kit size for the craft.

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