JBT Marine are specialists in new and used Ballistic RIBS and all other makes of RIBS from 4 – 10m, less than 5 years old. Rigid Inflatable Boats such as Avon, Zodiac, Scorpion, Ribcraft, Revenger, Ribeye, Ribtec, Ballistic, Cobra, Humber, Pascoe, Tornado, Bombard, Valiant and many more. Come and see us at Trafalgar Wharf, Hamilton Road, Portsmouth, situated five minutes off Junction 12, M27. Our stock list of new and second hand RIBs is updated on a regular basis and all featured Rigid Inflatables for sale are currently in stock at our offices.

We are always happy to answer your Rigid Inflatable Boat questions so why not give us a call or use our contact form to send us your query. PVC Hypalon Aluminum rigid inflatable boatsXD Marine aluminumPVC Hypalon Aluminum rigid inflatable boats are of high quality and special designed.
Rigid inflatable boats with fiberglasses hullThis RIB boats are made of special material-deep-V fiberglass to increase its strength,durability,load and speed. If you already have a RIB and just need some advice or extra features then contact us for details on engines, trailers and tenders currently in stock.

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