My aim is to eventually build an autonomous sailor, and a RC one is just a step in between.
I am also going to prepare five kits with all the materials and instructions you’ll need to build one, excluding the electronics. If you have received the kit, I would appreciate if you also join the autonomous sailor group and share your experience with the community. I have wondered how feasible it might be to dispense with the sails and instead create a small, storm proof craft that is just uses a large, inflatable sail that inflates when the wind is favorable, deflates when it isn't, and can deploy a sea anchor to harness currents or hold position. If a successful system could scaled up, a series of unmanned, slow moving, autonomous, wind powered cargo vessels could possibly open up new markets by allowing for the inexpensive transport of low value, non-perishable materials around the world.  The viability would only go up with the price of fuel oil.
I hope you can manage to create a code that allows fully autonomous sailing, even tacking against wind inside some maximum cross track from the route centerline. Maybe when it is finished you can make a sail boat that has solar cells and wind mill generator as power source to run the APM.
The main task to solve in building an autonomous sailing ship is the ability to judge wind speed and direction. If the difference between the wind and heading direction is less than 40 degrees, you have to reduce or add degrees to get the minimum 40 degrees difference so that the boat is still sailing efficiently. So, if the wind is from direction 360 and you want to sail to direction 360 (against the wind), you can use directions between 040°-080° and 280°-320°, maybe the optimal would be 045° or 315°.
How does everything scale with small model boats?  Does a 10 knot wind equal gale force for a small scale model?
I think even a very small boat will survive if the keel weight is good (high) and the sails are not too big.
And if not heavy keel, then deeper keel (weight in the tip) to achieve the balancing moment. Current architecture of drone autopilots is wrong , Drone hardware architecture needs to be completely re-engineered.
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I have a tiller pilot in a real boat, it is able to follow route, but turns on waypoints must be accepted manually by pushing a button.I quess it is a safety function due to wind direction.
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In that way anybody interested can start developing autonomous sailors. Within two weeks I hope to have the final RC version and I will share the instructions with you. Although a bit smaller than Captain Sparrow's nautical steed, these boats feature monohull designs, fiberglass construction and lateen rigging, making them faster and more manageable. Whether you consider yourself a novice, just learning the ropes, or an old sea dog, these small vessels make great choices for personal boats. Their two-line rigs, complete with lateen sails, make set up easy, and offer room for upgrades, letting experienced pirates sail competitively. You can look for both used Sunfish sailboats and new as well as boating accessories in the vast inventory on eBay.

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