Board Boat - A sailboat that does not have formal seating, typically you sit on the side decks and there is a area in the center (footwell) that you put your feet. Pocket Cruiser - A sailboat up to 20 feet long which has a cabin and a door that you can go inside, and a bunk to sleep in. Multihull - Any size sailboat that has multiple hulls, such as catamarans, trimarans, proas etc. All boats manufactured (or imported) for sale in the USA since 1972 have been required to have a standard 12 digit HIN number (Hull Identification Number), the first three letters are the manufacturer's MIC code. Character 1 through 3 are the manufacturer's MIC code, so you can lookup who made the boat.

If you build a sailboat yourself, or if you register a boat that was built before they were required to have the standard number, then the state you register in will assign you a HIN for your boat. This field indicates that the boat you are looking at, part or all of it's hull is a copy of another boat (or the other boat has copied this one). There are a lot of boats built to compete with specific others and look very similar, such as many board boats look very similar to a Sunfish, however being different shaped boats I do not list them as clones, even though they are very close in shape and size. Although it is commonly viewed as strange today, this is the earliest form of a keel (lateral resistance). Similar to the twin keel, a tri keel has three keels under the hull and they are also intended for the boat to sit on the ground upright.

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Powered by a Honda 10hp, wheel steering, Bimini top, bottom sider cockpit cushions, two burner Origo stove, head with holding tank, split backstay, boarding ladder, dual batteries, and instruments.

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