Sail Boats for sale: Motor Sailers (107) Sailing Dinghies (268) Trailer Sailers (91) Yachts (1586).
August 29, 2014 By Mike Dickens 3 Comments I get asked often about what makes  good blue water sailboats. Ocean sailing on blue water sailboats is more than recreation; it is a learning platform, observation post, a transportation system for awareness, and a delivery system for understanding. Ocean cruising aboard blue water sailboats can be one of the most miserable and enjoyable sports in the world, both at the same time.
Ocean cruising on blue water sailboats  is an educational opportunity that has rich potential for the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are difficult to teach in the confines of the classroom.
Blue water sailboats were used by the Greeks and Egyptians several thousand years before the birth of Christ. In Principles of Yacht Design, Larsson and Eliasson note that the seaworthiness of blue water sailboats depends on its dynamic behavior in a seaway; and dynamic effects, naturally, are much more difficult to measure or predict than static effects. Images of  blue water sailboats conjure up names such as Heritage, Contessa, Fisher, Ocean, Tayana and Roberts. Life raft, MOB module, flares, fire blanket, propane and CO detectors, and fire extinguishers. If you are considering living aboard or doing some extended cruising, Mike can help guide you to your dreams. Join our mailing list and be the 1st to receive the latest news, offers and exclusive promotions all delivered directly to your inbox. Over the years I have dealt with many brokers; mostly the kind that are there for the quick deal and then on their way.
Frank Butler, formerly of Columbia Yachts, built Catalina’s first model, the Catalina 22, in North Hollywood, CA. We have additional specifications for the Catalina 22 such as LOA, Beam, Displacement, Headroom, Draft, Sail Area, etc..
Boat Trader Classified Ads - Great Site for finding Catalinas and other sailboats for Sale. Compac Compaq 16 19 & 23 - Boats for Sale and Accessories - Used Compac Compaq 16, 19 and 23's For Sale & Accessories.
Privacy Policy - Third Party AdvertisingGoogle, one of our third-party advertisers, may add a cookie to determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences and your visit to our site and other sites on the internet. Since we're talking here about smaller yachts, storm tactics and seamanship are probably going to differ somewhat from what might be expected in a larger boat.

Location: Milwaukee, WI I've been at least a week away from a port several times. I can see from your questions in general that you have a thirst for knowledge and please believe me you will only satisfy that thirst for knowledge by buying books on design. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Ocean cruising people have learned how to manage their lives, including relationships and money, because they must. Ocean sailing in a blue water sailboat is a fantastic tool for honing individual and team skills. Perhaps the following broader definition is closer to what modern designers aim for; seaworthy blue water sailboats that are able to recover quickly from a 180-degree capsize without serious damage and without sinking. Big enough to be sea-kindly and safe in bad weather, yet small enough for one to single-hand if you had to.
Sufficient power to make your way motoring or motor-sailing when necessary, or to power up and get out of a tight spot.
This will be your home, so you need enough room for books and other comforts, plus all the spares, tools, etc.
Good solid footing while walking around the deck, and good drainage in downpours or shipping green water. Comfortable and safe for whosoever on watch, and safe in a seaway, with ability to drain fast if much water is shipped. Headroom for a 6′ person, and solid handholds for moving around below when the seas are up. Dodger with easy visibility forward to keep the wind out of the cockpit, and along with splash cloths keep crew in the cockpit dry when water is shipped, and Bimini to shade us from the tropical sun. Minimal electrical requirements but yet enough space to keep stuff cool, a freezer would also be good.
Enough electrical storage to light and cool the boat, plus run our basic electrical equipment without excessive recharging requirements.
To know how old the rigging is, what the service record is for the engine, hull, plumbing, and electrical system, etc.
Essential for navigation at night when near land, or in shipping areas, or of course in fog. Although a Florida native from Cocoa Beach, he grew up along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The place else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal approach? We want to thank you ever so much for all that you have done for us, this week has been a whirl wind, an education and learning process and fun. It is by no means a blue water cruiser but its price, features and trailerability make it a very popular choice for small sailboat enthusiasts. You can choose to opt out of GoogleA?a‚¬a„?s use of cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. Sailboats for sale Get information and reviews on sailing vessels to include daysailers, cruising sailboats and racing sailboats. Designers of blue water sailboats have taken how boats are sailed today into consideration, considering the extra weight and speed the boats will need. Strong enough to look after herself while hove, free of violent, jerky rolling and pounding, well-balanced, docile on the helm, and easily handled at all times agile downwind and able to beat to windward, or at least hold her ground, in all but the heaviest of conditions.
Also a tremendous assist when approaching an unfamiliar harbor with a hard-to-find entrance, or entering or leaving an anchorage at night. Paradise Yachts offers new-to-boating customers hands-on instruction aboard Mike and Mary's trawler to those that feel they need it prior to their purchase. She must able to carry ample crew with good headroom and comfort, plus water and supplies, for extended periods and be capable of good average speeds on long passages.
Preowned racing, cruising, dailsailer, and multihull sailboats for sale, including Beneteau, Burger , Cal, Catalina, C & C, Cheoy Lee, Columbia, Coronado, Corsair, Ericson, Hobie.
Provides list of racing sailboats for sale, new and used from the best-qualified boat brokers around the world having a boats listed in Boat Council racing sailboats database. He was not making it "Only a few can do this circumnavigate" And you're shure right have to buy some litterature and read! Bargains on New and Used Racing Sailboats Boats for sale cheap, buy Racing Sailboats Boats at Discount Sailboats for Sale: sailboats for sale in Edmonton and throughout Alberta.

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