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Remarks: Price includes 1997 Triad trailer and jin pole for single handed raise or lower mast and many other items. Remarks: I have had this boat since 1986 and and we spent more time taking care of it than we did sailing I think. Remarks: I have owned this boat for the past 24 years and have enjoyed sailing all over the Chesapeake Bay.

Remarks: Boat has been sailed through Ocean City inlet and the surrounding shoals and stiffened with carbon fiber where needed. Remarks: The boat was ordered with engine up-grades which include a 3 blade prop and port and hatch up -grades and dual batteries with voltage and selector switches and built in charger. Remarks: If you are looking for a modern, cruising boat with all the bells and whistles including $10,000 of upgrades in last two years, this is the boat for you. It was owned by my 84 year old Father and he has been unable to sail her in the last couple of years.

Boat has been kept in inside storage and has not been back in the water since it was restored.

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