I feel confident in my abilities with the S&G technique but am willing to learn other techniques. I also considered the Northeaster Dory by Chesapeake Light Craft but am unsure if it would meet my needs. The GIS is a great boat but might be far more of a performance sailboat than you want for learning, and not stable enough to pull the stick while out on the water. There are a number of different styles of Dories - the originals, all hard chined, were not designed for sailing, and were least tender (tippy) only when they had a few hundred pounds of fish on the bottom. I think most of the boats you mention would fit your needs, including Bolger's Gypsy (with a shorter sail rig). Never seen a Phoenix III in the flesh, but drawings, fotos, and reports suggest that she'd serve your purpose, and she's quite lovely into the bargain.
The dorys I'd only look at seriously if you normally carry a goodly weight of gear and supplies. Another Welsford design to consider is Walkabout, specially designed for camp cruising the Maine coast. I have sailed and rowed along with Steve Chambers in his Michalak Wooboto, and it works fairly well under both oar and sail. The creation of the largest marine protected area (MPA) in Africa was recently announced by the Government of Mozambique. For eight years, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has worked to protect this area that has been exploited by illegal commercial fishing and unauthorized tourism that is damaging the ecosystem. The creation of the reserve is a result of the Coastal Communities initiative of the CARE-WWF Alliance.
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Originally Posted by cthippo The other thought is to keep your hold flooded at all times and as you add fish they displace water but have the same weight.
Assuming that if catch can stay in ice about 2 weeks, this may not be enough time for slow sailing boat to get home with all catch in good quality. Location: Northland , New Zealand Commercial fishing under sail May well be a semi commercial fishing vessel under sail with what I assume are registration numbers painted on the mainsail boom perhaps and the orange windy buoys on deck forward too? I think I nailed it better in the ' K ' class I drew up with the same sail effect and no side rigging etc in a sail assisted fishing vessel of similar size though. I did follow up on the Tad photos of historical tuna trolling vessels and really enjoyed the historical photo review down the years of the older and still fishing vessels.
Originally Posted by Kanfish I can see there would be some very entrenched and long standing opinions here and that it will be a challenge to open this up to another view point of sail assisted. The rising cost of fuel will do it though and open this up for deeper discussion over time I am sure. Location: Northland , New Zealand Sail assisted fishing Yes, I was meaning fishermen in the first instance and I know from my own fishing buddies here that there is, as you say, not exactly a rush to order a new sail assisted vessel from which to make their fortune so you have that right as well Tad. I did make contact with a Sian Robbins in Cornwall, UK concerning their sail only fishing fleet and he was kind enough to send me some information on the fleet activities there.
A couple of the sail assisted fishing vessels here that have been around for a while with good Skippers and individually owned vessels and that I have spoken too at length, all speak highly of all the aspects that make up a sail assisted vessel. I have sailed all my life, it is second nature to me, and more than a little frustrating that the saying of ' You can take a horse to water BUT you can not make him drink ' is right to the fore here at present!!
Location: Northland , New Zealand Sail assisted fishing Fishing companies here do give their vessels a better rate for fuel here too but no way is it huge by any stretch of the imagination. The much lauded fish ' Quota ' system here in New Zealand is run by five or so main companies now and is not much more than Mafia in reality aided and controlled by Govt. They in fact, have screwed up many of the fisheries, and to a large extent have exterminated the owner operator fishermen down to the point that so much of the fish ' quotas ' is now under caught yearly from what was very conservitive tonnages in the first place.

Originally Posted by Kanfish Fishing companies here do give their vessels a better rate for fuel here too but no way is it huge by any stretch of the imagination. This is a deep draft, double chine and flat bottom Dory looking hull with what I would describe as a slack bilge from the out of water photos I was shown. What is in it,s favour though is all the machinery is very low down in the hull and same with the fuel tanks and with word of mouth saying that it is a very good vessel at sea from those that have crewed her in the past. The ' development ' as such was that from a colour side profile A 4 photo I was given I drew a ' Mast Aft ' sail assisted rig on it that to my eye anyway ' adds ' to the appearance and really looks like it fits this paticular hull.
This is to be a Fish Trap and Troll vessel ( if it is bought ) and the ' owner ' has yet to see the drawing but he does know I have done this to be seen soon I imagine. All low cost set up of course with a box section steel mast and Galvanized rigging envisaged. What I really love about the ' Mast Aft ' rig sail assist concept is the simplicity of the sail plan for actual working of the vessel being just one head sail that may need to be be adjusted at any time to gain the advantage with sail power. All the other sail rigs, though well proven, are 'work horse ' rigs requiring a lot of attention constantly and are made to sail the vessel rather than a lower key sail assist only while still under engine power. This mast aft sail assist rig really has so much going for it and I look forward to many more being developed in due course.
Location: Northland , New Zealand Sail assisted commercial fishing A huge plus factor in ' marketing ' and selling of catch off a vessel using sail assist is just that fact that the product in the fish room is produced using the least amount of toxicity to the enviroment as perceived by the buying public.
Add that all to the rest of the package of under cover catching deck aft with sun shelter and some wind protection too. Location: Northland , New Zealand I can now say that there is a highly likely chance that the first of the sail assist K class Kansai design units will be built in New Zealand soon. Fishermen are starting to think now and strong inquiry,s are coming in from the commercial fishing sector Internationally.
He was very active on here and suddenly just seems to have disappeared and his account closed. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
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I can always find a protected place to fish but in my powerboat days I used to get surprised regularly on lakes like Sam Rayburn, when I left the protected cove and found the main lake churned by 20 to 30 Kt winds.
His June Bug is actually a smaller boat, though easier (due to a cruder hull shape) to build. I'm betting that the Grapevine or White Rock sailing clubs still have learn-to-sail programs every summer. I've stepped and unstepped the mast while afloat, but it can get a bit tiddly way up there at the skinny, pointy end.
It has a ton of initial stability (which is very good for fishing), and a reasonable amount of room.
Michalak has many loyal fans, but I find many of his boats awkward looking - including this one. They tend to be quite tipsy when lightly loaded, then settle down into rock solid when weight is added.
As I mentioned I am very naive about what is required for sailing, but have a keen desire to learn. Dynamite Payson is Bolger box boats - the most likely of which I suspect you've already stumbled across in the Junebug. It is stiff as a church, easy under oars, and the sprit brails quickly when you get to the fishing hole. She holds marine science and biology degrees from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and is getting her Master of Advanced Studies degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

What they give in fuel rate is usually taken back though with prices paid to the vessels on landing into the same company! Maybe there is a case to be considered with this paticular vessel, fuel cost keep rising etc and this ' owner ' I know gets seasick fairly easily so sail dampening might just be a great benefit to him as a side issue too. And I'm asking this question in a 'worldwide sense' because our fuel prices in the USA have been relatively low in the scheme of things. Fishermen need those engines running no matter what fishery they are involved in for their work. You do not really even have to know how to sail to get the fuel saving benefit etc for miles travelled from this rig. Delivery direct to the fish room from the catch deck after spiking, bleeding and washing without being landed on a sun heated deck and time spent lying around during heavy fishing action etc then you would produce a best product to the buyers and be rewarded for your foresight as a top producer of best product. The superb ' blend ' of design features are starting to be recognized and appreciated for what has gone into this vessel. This boat serves me well for fishing and camping on rivers and protected areas on some of our lakes. I was in the Navy and know this is nothing to what one can experience on big water but I still would like to have enough boat to feel confident I can cross the lake when neeeded. Likely the CLC Northeaster Dory kit would be your easiest path to a decent sailing dory - though pulling the rig on the water, and the motor mounting, might be issues.
I'll put my vote in for Bolger's Thomaston Galley as being designed almost exactly to your specs. I found my first project was a very rewarding endeavor that keeps paying dividends every time I carry her out. This free photo may be used for different types of artworks, like digital presentations, books, web design, videogames, exibitions and more. Many are company owned vessels here being run by Skippers that come and go frequently and also many just have no sailing experience at all so it is hardly surprising that there is no big movement into this direction. Having said that it would come into it,s own when hove to for the night offshore perhaps giving a little drive back up to windward to counter drift during this shut down period and a steadying effect too. I was considering a dory but was wondering if it would be difficult to maintain position with cross winds.
It's a great way to get on the water, make some connections, and to learn a few things, too. I am leaning towards a non-S&G design to increase my knowlege for an even more ambitious project in the future. A fishing buddy of long standing that has been away from New Zealand living in Queensland, Australia for a number of years arrived back several months ago and wants to go back commercial fishing. Also if sheeted hard amidships while using a sea anchor perhaps also keeping the vessel directly head to wind being most comfortable while stopped.You would not win too many yacht races with this rig for speed BUT it would get you home if it became necessary under sail alone though. I have seen the following designs reccomended on this forum and wonder if one of these would suit my needs. The full stock photos collection includes thousands of photos; more photos related to "sailing boat old" are available in the section sailing boat.
These boats would not be as easy to build as a Goat Island Skiff, but would be more rugged and stable.

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