Trolling lures and dead baits is one of the methods guests aboard Catchin' Up II  can choose to fish. Depending on our targeted species, lures used in our trolling spread may include different styles of metal spoons, hard lures (plugs), and soft plastics on lead head jigs in various configurations such as daisy chains, umbrella rigs, and parachutes. York River Charters' goal is to provide our guests the most personalized charter experience available on the Chesapeake Bay.
Trolling for aggressive Chesapeake Bay predators provides action packed fun for our guests of all experience levels!

Port Aransas Fishing and Rockport Texas Fishing guide: Bay Fishing, Offshore Fishing and Duck Hunting!
Some of the species we target by trolling include trophy striped bass (stripers, rockfish), bluefish, red drum and Spanish mackerel. We are certain your Captain's unique perspective and knowledge of the region are sure to give you reason to join us many times in the future and become yet another lifelong Trolling fishing friend. The planers allow us to cover more water and put out more rigs by spreading them out from the sides of the boat.

The big difference between planers and outriggers is that use of planer allows us to run rigs up to 125 feet out from the boat, giving us a 250 foot spread!

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