Initial discussions with customers establish and define the class and functional requirements of the vessel.
Close communication is kept between estimating, design and engineering, administration and production staff to ensure timely delivery of each component, its adherence to quality and production schedules.   What this means to the customer is a quality product built and delivered on time, at the most competitive price possible. Our large modern custom boat and ship manufacturing facilities and metal working machinery enable us to build both large and small vessels simultaneously .

Our custom boat and shipbuilding facilities are strategically laid out to afford smooth through-put flow of materials and components from delivery, inspection, stocking, preparation to incorporation into the vessels production process. The completed structures, decking and railings are prepared and ready for finished coatings. Vessels up to 34m (100ft) in length can be built completely inside under heated environmentally controlled conditions, while larger vessels are built in sub-sections and assembled outside within the shipyard .

This Patrol boat is capable of operating in all weather conditions in semi-sheltered waters.  It is a station mode vessel, meaning that the crew does not live onboard, but is based out of a shore station, and her crew ensures maritime safety in support of the fishing industry as well as the large recreational boating community of Lake Winnipeg.

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