New York-based Sun and Associates recently unveiled a proposal for a solar-powered green-roofed terminal for Taiwan's burgeoning Kaohsiung port city. Kaohsiung is growing rapidly as Taiwan’s largest port city, which has created the need for updated infrastructure that presents a cohesive and modern face to the city. The cruise terminal tower houses multi-functional spaces, a conference hall, and office spaces with views of the water and surrounding port. South-facing windows avoid direct solar gain with an adjustable louvered wall crafted from reused shipping containers. Being an award-winning five star luxurious hotel in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel can be found directly in the Arabian shores and produced like a breaking wave.

Probably the most refined palates can pick between five sensual signature restaurants, including Italian, Sea food, Mediterranean, Latin American and Lebanese, a range of casual restaurants and three stylish bars. Inspired by the form of a wave, the arched roof is covered in building integrated solar panels, which are used as a design element as well as for power generation. All 618 rooms, suites and villas function seaviews and therefore are outfitted using the latest technology and wi-fi.
The Pavilion Sports & Leisure center using its tennis courts, watersports, health club, PADI dive center, climbing wall and health spa provides a gregarious expertise.
Passenger Transportation District features a gorgeous sweeping design coupled with a large roof-integrated solar system, an expansive green roof and urban park, and the reuse of shipping containers.

The arched building slopes down into a low-angled urban park, which doubles as a green roof for the cruise terminal and underground parking. Oriented on an east-west axis, the terminal would take advantage of the sun as it moves across the sky.

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