With Sunset you will have the option to rent a boat for either a full day or for a half days boat rental. For smaller groups that are looking for a fishing adventure this 17 foot center console boat rental makes a great choice for you.This boat rental is also a good choice for those looking for an excellent value. This versatile Key West boat rental is an ideal choice for just about any activity watersport activity you choose.This boat rental will work great for fishing, snorkeling or just cruising around the lower Keys.
This boat rental is the best choice for exploring those shallow back country areas surrounding the lower keys.For anyone looking for a back country Tarpon fishing adventure this is the boat rental for you. This boat rental is another versatile offering that will work well for most boating adventures.This center consoles makes a great fishing boat and offers a little more room for larger groups.

This boat rental is your best choice for anyone looking to spend the day further off shore on a fishing or snorkeling excursion.The Cobia boat rental also offers more space for those looking for a larger boat to accommodate a few more passengers.
This boat rental is the perfect selection for larger groups that just want to spend a day cruising and relaxing on the crystal blue waters surrounding Key West.This boat rental works well for swimming and snorkeling. If you're looking for a day of relaxation and spending a day in the sun then a pontoon boat rental may be the right choice for you.This is also a great boat rental for snorkeling and if you're on a budget. Center console boat rentals offer the best choice for fishing and offshore adventures.They include all the electronic equipment necessary for fishing and can handle rougher waters.
Skiff boat rentals are best suited for the shallow back country areas that surround Key West.

All of Sunset Watersports boat rentals that are recommended for fishing include all the necessary gear such as electronics, live wells and bait wells. The voyage includes a hot lunch right off the grill and even FREE beer during the return voyage back to the home base. This is the perfect boat rental for sightseeing and spending a day having fun in the back country of the Florida Keys.

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