Some people rush into adding fat sacs to their automatic factory ballast system using the same pumps and switches. We just want you to know that while that is convenient, it does take longer because your existing system has to fill up and then it has to fill the additional fat sacs. In about the same amount of time that it takes to fill your factory ballast system, you could have your additional fat sacs filled via the 2 Tsunami pumps. And again… what would you be doing while you are waiting for your automatic factory ballast system to fill anyway? There are different ways to add fat sacs to an automatic factory ballast system using the same pumps and switches that came in the boat.
The Tsunami Pump is the fastest pump that you put over the side of the boat and plug into the cigarette lighter accessory plug to manually fill and empty the fat sacs.
The Other Reason to use Nothing But All purpose PVC Cement: If you ever did have to remove the fitting for some reason, then you can call us and we can tell you HOW to get it out.
The closed-bow version of the Ski Nautique 200 is for the three-event purist who wants simplicity, style and reliable performance from a hard-core ski boat. The Nautique 200 Closed Bow is the best ski boat for you if: You want a closed-bow, tournament-quality ski boat with plenty of amenities that’s as suited to breaking world records as it is to free skiing.
What you could be doing (if you want to get riding sooner) is to use 2 Tsunami Pumps to plug into the cigarette lighter accessory plugs to fill your additional fat sacs manually at the same time you flicked the switches to fill your automatic factory ballast.

This is the most high tech durable leak proof hose connection on the planet for an automatic ballast system. Simply change the quantity in the cart for how many hoses you will be adding to your Factory Automatic Ballast System. This applies to the fitting pictured above as well as to any fitting used in an automatic ballast system.
Nautique is the only company who has designed an open bow boat for your family that compromises nothing when it comes to the amazing wakes behind the boat or the plush ride inside it. With 12 world records under its belt, Nautique Boats’s Optimal Surface Control hull delivers wakes that are small, soft and barely noticeable when crossing. The clear hose on the Tsunami Pump (W709) allows you to clearly see when the water is flowing well. After all, what other open bow tournament ski boat do you know of that is the proud owner of multiple World Records?
This is because of the incredible lifting features of the hull, which allow it to ride high on the water at slalom speeds with minimal water displacement. It also allows you to see if there are any bubbles, weeds, sand, or dirt in it that are slowing the flow or are being pumped into your fat sac.
The Ski 200 also puts drivability at a premium, delivering unparalleled tracking and a rock-solid pull.

Sacrifice nothing in performance behind the Ski Nautique 200 - Open Bow and achieve the family-friendly space for nine with incredible storage.But the story doesn't end there. Set the user profile within the LINC system, and everything from your GPS-controlled speed to the boat’s responsiveness is instantly called up, so you can concentrate on driving. For 2013, we captured the progressive, striking gel lines so popular from today's motorsports world and incorporated that feel onto our boats. For 2014, Zero Off is integrated within the LINC system, eliminating the need for a separate gauge.
Twin saddlebag compartments in the back hold up to three skis each, and high-traffic areas are padded with nonskid, mold-resistant faux teak that won’t heat up and will help maintain the look of your upholstery. The Ski 200’s helm sports a super low-profile dash with offset gauges for perfect visibility and a clean look.

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