If you mean this one I've always liked it, keeping in mind its essentially a very wide, flat bottomed catboat with some obvious shortcomings. This handy pocket cruiser has been designed for a client who wanted an ultra simple and cheap sailing cruiser for estuary sailing and which would get him across the Channel. A cabin big enough for two adults to sleep in and with arguably nicer lines than the larger Hartleys.
Cheapest possible route to sailing; MacGregor (watch all the sail nuts spit on this one!) boats are as cheap as they come.
So I'm sure you know that there is NO BOAT that can take you cruising cheaper than a good sea kayak.
A good friend of mine built a San Francisco Pelican and then sailed it from Bellingham to Olympia. If you buy plans from a good designer, and find yourself 3 sheets of 4mm okoume ply, a gallon kit of WEST epoxy, paint, and some bits of hardware, and you can probably build a good kayak for about $600, with no skimping on materials. Dudley Dix Yacht Design has boat plans for canoes, dinghies, monohulls and multihull sailboats plus power boats. Wooden Boat Plans and Designs from Arch Davis Designs has short sailboats, skiffs and more.
Svenson's has old Mechanix Illustrated free plans Lots of boat styles including a couple of dories. Saetta Classic Boat I'm not sure they offer plans, but its worth a visit to see a fabulous wooden classic power boat. Fine Wood Watercraft Plans and boats in many different constructions including skin on frame and stitch and glue. Fineline Boat Plans for wooden boats, steel kits, plus much more from Fineline boat plans and designs. Glen L has boat plans for many types of construction including steel, aluminium, and of course wood. Noahs Marine has boat kits and plans as well as supplies such as plywood, epoxy and fiberglass. Spira International has boat plans, dory style drift boats, Kayaks, Ultralights and power boats. Would there be any benefit of possibly adding some rigid foam board insulation along the floor, and then covering with another layer of plywood to give yourself a sealed sole that would add some flotation?
Also, what about building some rail boxes along the gunwales between the first frame and the transom, putting in two rod holders per side, and then filling the boxes with expandable foam?
Doyle, I wouldn't add anything to the sole, as the USCG has a thing about upright flotation instead of upside down flotation. True, but for a few bucks out of your pocket you get some well tested lines, and you keep a few small wood boat builders and designers in business, instead of watching it die back more and more in this economy.
Larry, with a beat-up prop, old gas, and cold weather, she's able to run 25mph WOT, and cruises easily at 21.
Just took our local Riverkeeper on a tour today up through some whitewater areas, and she did great. Plywood boat plans - boat plans wooden When buying plywood sauceboat plans, in that respect are many things to take to check that you don't waste your money on plans of poor quality, surgery plans that are . Location: florida Aluminum dory skiff Hi Everybody, Here are some pictures of the dory skiff I'm pecking away at.
Location: florida Wood details on an aluminum boat Thanks for the compliment Bob, I'm putting the wood details on the boat becouse I love the look and feel of wood. Location: PacNW Rusty, I looked at that plan on the Glen-L site and they show a motor well option.
Location: PacNW Well an inboard jet works better with a bit of a v bottom but if its jet power you want for working the skinny water then by all means you should consider a jet outboard. Location: florida Thanks for the feedback Hi Timgoz, I see you're a machinist, I used to run a really nice prototype shop that had some basic NC machines and a sweet welding department.

I work at a specialty steel company mainly on petrochemical fittings & centrifically cast tube. Location: florida wood on aluminum Hi tgoz, Thanks, I'm not sure yet exactly how I'll build over the engine, I think I'll wait to get the engine in place and consider clearences and such. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
The construction could not be more simple and rugged with pre-shaped hull panels and ply frames.
Just depends on your location, where you intend to sail, the waters and payload, and your design sensibility. And on top of that I blew about $300 on a carbon fiber paddle that feels like a magic wand. At first everything is very confusing, then you start to get some idea of the different types of boats available.
It also saves quite a lot of time since you don't have to loft the boat, and cut out the major pieces of the boat or source and get materials. There is an Optimist Racer kit motor boats sailboats and lots of boatbuilding supplies and info.
Famous for his Goat Island Skiff and Beth Canoes Michael Storer has a wide range of wooden boat plans and designs. They also have plans for many wooden boats from a 6 foot pram all the way to a 28 ft cruiser.Free plans for a Bernarda 10 Well not quite free, you must send a photocopy of your money!!
His book: Boatbuilding for Beginners (and Beyond): Everything You Need to Know to Build a Sailboat, a Rowboat, a Motorboat, a Canoe, and More! Hylan and Associates has plans for several traditional sailers including a peapod, as well as several powerboats.
The plans actually have details for 3 sealed chambers that have foam added to them for upright flotation, so you'd be skookum as soon as you ordered the lines from Walt. They have a traditional fishing boat called a gozzo boat which have the long protruding stems for doing net work and for mooring.
Just figure out your stem angle, cut out one side, stick it to your midship mold and transom, bang on the bottom, done. Nary a bit of porpoising, and she rides like a little leaf on the water being wide for her length.
Probably one of the easiest ways to build the boat of your dream is by using plywood boat plans.
Michael Storer Wooden Boat Plans Wooden and Plywood Boats Wooden boat plans and excellent free information on boatbuilding methods - Repair, maintain and build wooden or plywood boats.
Plywood Boat Plans - Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo Going boating has always been a highlight to many people over the years. I'll most likely build a cover over the motor to serve as a sort of poling platform, although I doubt I'll be doing a lot of poling. I can do the basics but things like cutting gears and broaching and stuff like that are beyond me. Given that you take the time to learn how to handle it well in open water (rolls, rescues, rough water paddling and piloting)and how to avoid the common dangers (fog, hypothermia and motorboats), there is no other cruising craft that can approach it pound for pound or dollar for dollar. In the past 4 years I've had more fun with that boat than any other I've ever owned, and taken it places no other type of boat could go.
I use this skiff on a a lake about 300 miles from the ocean as a work skiff, so I wanted as much interior space as physically possible. For $50 you are getting a good deal with a well tested plan and as Spookaloo said, you are helping support a talented, helpful and available boatbuilder.
The two skiffs that I've built weren't exactly fast builds, but they look the way a boat ought to look.

Plywood Boat Plans - Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo It is not so difficult to build your own plywood boat especially when you have high quality plywood boat building plans. However with todays economy and the cost of gas has stopped people from the enjoyment they .
I just turned 57 last month and I've spent my whole adult life building things out of metal or wood and I really appreciate the various properties of both, to combine the two just seems natural to me. The shoe (suction box) runs about even with the boat bottom so whatever you draw you can run in. Sizewise I've seen guys put aftermarket jet units on 200 horse tiller motors so sky is the limit I guess.
Also keep in mind while I'm in a preachy mood, that a good set of plans will save you lots of time and if you've paid for them you can actually often contact the designer and get help.
There's also details on building side decks which you could hang foam under as well, doing exactly what you are hoping for.
Once I turned her, I planned on keeping the stem long for that very reason, but looking at the aft posts, I decided to leave them for the time being to see if they were useful. I can assure you, Walter Baron isn't getting rich off selling you his boat plans, building boats, and teaching WoodenBoat classes. Free Wooden Boat Plans A» $75 Jon Boat + Other Easy to Build Boats Free Wooden Boat Plans $75 Jon Boat + Other Easy to Build Boats Home . Not sure about the grass, around here they suck river rocks which can cause some premature wear. Usually we have pretty loose tolerances, which is good as most of our machines are ancient. I have three outboard motors now and I couldn't say much about them except that the little yamaha 25 seems to be bulletproof.
The drawings now show details for a 6’ beam version as well as details of an alternative gunter sloop rig and a centreboard. This is not to say that designing and building your own skiff isn't rewarding depending on your experience and skill level. I'm not expecting a self draining cockpit, but would like it to drain while sitting on a trailer with the drain plug out of the transom. I would appreciate any input about the jet setup, this boat has a fairly narrow flat bottom, not like a jon boat.
The other two are mercs and I've put 2 stators in the 60 bigfoot which means you get towed to the house. Are there limber holes through those 2x8's that let the water from the front roll out the back or what do you do? I stretched the boat 3' and changed the framing schedule so that I could use whats commonly available in my neighborhood. Is it true that you need twice the horsepower for the same performance as a prop setup, and how big do they make them? She was a 48' twin inboard diesel which had been donated to the school by Evinrude's widow, "Francis Langford Evinrude. The gunnels are clear pressure treated pine 1x1's laminated with polyurethane glue and stainless steel sq. Around here we have these grass flats with this floating wire like grass that tends to clog the foot on the jet motors, some people are willing to put up with it and some arn't so you get a lot of conflicting opinions.
This boat I'm working on now really dosen't lend itself to a straight inboard, too many hard oyster bars inshore.
This boat I'm building now is sort of a trial run to develope some ideas for a little bigger boat later.

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