Swinging davits, trailers, and pitching guests mean the antenna for a small boat, such as this Zodiac RIB, need to be rugged while maintaining a low profile. On a tender or runabout, even the owner who wants the best possible performance is likely to be limited to the size of antenna he can realistically fit—the maximum is probably an 8-foot, 6dBi antenna.
For boats that are likely to have a real rough-and-tumble life, whether stored in a transom garage, launched with a swinging davit, or spending time on a trailer, it may be worth sacrificing communications performance for protection against damage. When three major electronics companies roll out new radar technologies in the space of a month, there’s something going on.
Even in the early 20th Century, Berliners fled the dirty city and flocked to the fringes of the city towards the green respite of the Muggelsee (the largest of Berlins lakes).
The Spreetunnel was the first reinforced concrete tunnel in Germany, to be built in a caisson construction through the application of compressed air. The design came from the Bridge Office in Berlin and the construction was handled by the Mannheim based Company Grun & Bilfinger AG.
Friedrichshagen lies on the north shore of the muggelsee – and its got all the flair of a holiday seaside town. Not much has changed though since the first Berliners headed out to into the wild green yonder.The muggelsee has lost none of its allure, and in the 86 years since its construction the masses still flood through the tunnel. The boat traffic on the spree is no longer dominated by coal and industrial freighters, and the former ferry docking station now gives cyclists an opportunity to rest their weary legs and enjoy a cool beer. While there is an S-Bahn which brings you within very short walking distance to the Spreetunnel – it is best to cycle here and enjoy the fantastic scenery . Schoner Bericht uber unsere Stadt und vor allem endlich mal uber die Ecken, die sonst keiner so schnell zu sehen bekommt.

With nearly 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there is room enough for sun tanning, diving or fishing.
These electric pontoons have a lengthy run-time with the security of switching to the primary battery to the secondary back-up battery. No manual pedaling is required for these electric pedal boats, just use the foot controller or remote to start the motor.
Many materials and components utilized in our production process are produced by companies other than Kennedy Pontoons, Inc. The Berry Point 26, a fast wood outboard cruiser modeled after her bigger sister the Hinckley Picnic Boat, is one of our most popular designs. In fact its got over 900 bridges on display (though not all of them so beautiful) – over twice as many as Venice. The city had set up a ferry service to the other spree side, shuttling the tourists to the Muggelschlosschen and Muggelturm (a viewing tower), but the masses soon took overhand.
The Construction Manager of the tunnel was the Magistratsoberbaurat Karl Sievers, who together with the Magistratsbaurat La Baume watched over the completion of the tunnel. The Spreetunnel ended up being 120 meters long, 5 meters wide and its upper edge lies 4 meters under the waterline. At a cost of 1 million reichsmark, the tunnel was completed in 16 months and was officially opened to the public on the 26th of may, 1927. But as sleepy as the town appears to be, the Spreetunnel is  as busy as every other underpass in the center of Berlin.
For those who wish to go for a swim, the quaint (and free!) Strandbad Muggelsee, which has an equally impressive history – is just a short 15 minute bike ride away.

Though long gone, there was a somewhat similar construction between Alt-Stralau and Treptow back in the day. The motor can be controlled by the hand-held cordless remote controller or the corded foot controller.
Upon returning to the dock, simply switch off the battery power and plug in the on-board, high out-output charging system to automatically recharge the batteries.
The Berry Point 26 was orginally named the Down East 26; however, since learning that the Down East name is already in use, we changed the name of our design.
More and more people ventured out on Sundays and took advantage of the ferry service – that it ended up disrupting the ship traffic. Throngs of families, cyclists and pensioners on a Sunday stroll stream through the 120 meter long tunnel. The  maritime authority blocked the proposal to build a bridge, so after a few more years of arguing – the city finally decided to build a tunnel underneath the spree. If you’re lucky, the odd musician will set up camp in its midst and let his music echo through the tiled chamber.

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