The sneak boat, also called a layout boat, is a shallow water boat that is perfect for duck hunting. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, Boat Blinds : A duck boat forum to discuss duck hunting boats, mud motors, and everything related. Beavertail Motors at Black Duck Outfitters: Maryland Duck Hunting Guide for Sea Ducks, Canvasbacks, Diver Ducks, Canada Goose hunts, Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear 16 Foot Boat and Trailer. 69 matches found: duck hunting boat, duck boat, john boat, mud boat mud · 2011 Excel Shallow Water 1645 Duck Boat · 3 130 WATT CAMO 6 INCH BOAT BLIND FOG Duck Boat mud outboard engines employ a unique design The mud motor is surprisingly simple.
Most items ship within 48 hours, however this is a new store page and our busiest time of year so some items may be delayed.
An article that reviews different types of mud motors and boats that are used while hunting for waterfowl. I have been in the moving business for over 20 years, we would like to earn your business, let chat and try to close this deal, what is your budget?
Day 2 headed to roger45?s camp and hunted close to them left early and went up Ivashak to explore. At above mentioned shallow spot I slide across gravel and stopped to try and deepen channel to make trip easier.
Disassembled jet unit, filed front edge of new impeller Minor wear relaunched boat improved slightly but still very hard to get on step went to Deadhorse and made calls to get ideas and maybe have parts gold streaked and to put hold on my son coming up when he returned from his horseback sheep hunt. Day 5-Friday- OR guys gave me ride back to PS2 got boat partially out of the water blocked up and again very time consuming job solo. Day 6- Jerod was there to hunt with on Saturday well we dealt with the boat went to it and discussed stomp grate issue tried to repair not possible on the spot. Wed AM 2ND SEPT- when I got up my son and friend had arrived (0530) and were sleeping in their truck cab. Took son for test run with old impellor pulled boat and installed housing and impellor from ChrisO.

Man, I knew most of what happened, but I ended up staring at the picture of the truck for a few minutes in disbelief. Sorry you had to cut your 4 week hunt short, and hopefully you'll have some good days chasing deer and bear down that way. I hope I never tire of watching the fog clear and sun rise with a cup of coffee and my favorite duck hunting dog in a duck blind. You can hunt ducks on the Texas gulf Coast without an airboat but you are going to be limited to mostly redheads and some pintails that don’t mind the box blinds. Some of the duck on the river where I hunt in Texas like to hit the deeper water where the river banks are steep. This one has been work in progress since 1976, in 2000 I decked it over with the cargo hold up front, 2004 I entered it in the OR Waterfowl Fest.
Nice rigs!I had a Sears Gamefisher Jon boat but sold it to pay for an Ocean Prowler 13.Is that a WS Pungo? While a small jon boat can function as a layout boat in many ways, the distinct design of these boats offers an added benefit over small jon boats, and certainly over larger jon boats. If you are looking for trolling motors, small fishing boats, hunting boats, small boats, layout Used Boats Hunting Duck Boats for sale from boat dealers, owners, and brokers. Made it to just past Healy about mid night slept till 5am and headed out pulled into mile 50 boat launch at midnight, whoopped!
The pictures and time spent in the outdoors with friends will last far longer than a caribou in the freezer ( it just won't taste quite as good). Hunting from inside them, either on the water or secured at the shore, puts you lower down on the water and your profile less visible to incoming ducks. The only space I have left is on the roof and I want to see if it's feasible to strap it there for the short trip. Told other guys to head back as I would look further and they hung around to assist me getting boat out of water and blocked up so I could look further.

It’s hard to hunt a boat based duck blind in the river and I like to be flexible and adapt to the conditions I find when I finally get where I’m going to hunt ducks. This boat design is great for when there is little or no cover on the bank, or when you are hunting from your boat in a large bay or other open water right out in the middle of your decoys.2. It has a 25 hp kohler mud motor surface drive with 26 hours on it and runs Sure, you could hunt in that old rowboat, but it's no duck boat.
Pulled boat decided what we needed to repair stomp grate ( the 2 bolts that secure it to the housing were gone) and headed to Deadhorse NAPA store my ill mood was better as this had to be the reason for problem.
They are easy to set up and take down quickly, so you can change spots in a hurry if you see the ducks are in another spot, or you are facing hunting competition in your spot.6. For hunters who like the peaceful stillness of an early morning or late afternoon, these boats offer a quiet boating experience that gets you to your hunting spot without a lot of noise and extra gear. Check the item description Duck and goose hunting products, made for the extreme hunter,shallow water boats, mud motors and hunting gear. I will be in Tennessee at the end of next week and could bring your boat to Montross for $95. They can be push-poled, paddled or even walked out to position in the middle of a grassy flat.
If you are interested, you can accept the bid below or feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Pile your decoys, gun and other gear into your boat, and walk it to position in shallow water - it serves as a great water-barrow. Was amazed when phantom or that type of boat went by with 5 guys and did not even slow to see if I might need a hand.

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