Kennedy's motorized versions of the pedal boat include electric pontoons and outboard pontoons. All new for 2010, the Sun Catcher 168 FC Electric Pontoon Boat 2010 goes where bigger boats cana€™t. Part of the companya€™s R series, Benningtona€™s 2277 RFSI Pontoon Boat 2009 exudes equal parts comfort and classiness. Why choose from either a fish or a pleasure boat when you can have it all in the Crestliner Batata Bay 1985 Pontoon Boat 2009. If youa€™re big on fishing but low on cash, then the Buster Bass Wagon Pontoon Boat 2009 will fit into your budget perfectly. Whoever said that fishing cana€™t be luxurious hasna€™t been on the Cypress Cay Angler Limited Pontoon Boat 2009 yet. Boasting great performance, the Manitou 22 Encore Pontoon Boat 2009 isna€™t just fun to hang out on a€“ ita€™s also fun to drive!
The flagship of the Sun Catcher Family Value series, G3a€™s 228 Cruise Pontoon Boat 2009 makes family memories that last a lifetime.
In no time at all, the weather start heating up, and you could be chilling on one of the hottest boats on the water, the Crest XRS II Pontoon Boat 2009.
Spend a lazy day cruising or take extreme watersports to new levels on the Parti Kraft Admiral 220 BC3 Pontoon Boat 2009. Call in sick and take mental-health day relaxing on the Starcraft 140 Fish Pontoon Boat 2009.
Pontoon boats can be great for a family vacation out on the water, since their flat shaped deck allows more room for small crowds to get around comfortably compared to other types of motorized boats.
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Get on the list and receive a lot full of auto reviews, reports, new technology, events, etc. The platform on which the BPV Libelula is built is an 18 foot SunTracker Bass Buggy pontoon boat.
Perfect for lakes and reservoirs, the 168 FC Electric is an environmentally friendly watercraft, thanks to its electric engine. Available in two floor plans, the Batata Bay 1985 carries eight people a€“ plus a whole lot of good times! Ideal for those who like do their angling solo, the Bass Wagon is so easy load and unload that you can do it by yourself. Combing the Angler fishing platform with the comfort of the Cozumel line, this Cypress Cay pontoon boat lets you enjoy your sporting pursuits in style.
Available with a V-hull design, the 22 Encore is anything but typical a€“ from its outside chines to a centre toon thata€™s four inches wider, this watercraft will soon become your home on the water. Outfitted with all the features youa€™d expect in a much more expensive boat, the 228 Cruise has plenty of room for family and friends, thanks to an 8-foot wide deck and 22 feet of full-length usable space.
Available in 20- and 22-foot floor plans, the XRS II may look expensive, but is quite affordable. A rear entry that provides easy access to and from the water, the Admiral 220 BC3 is built on the StrataTech chassis and offers the Total Comfort Seating system. With two levels to use for your cruising pleasure, the Mandalay 8527 comes complete with everything you need to throw the pontoon party of the summer! Whether you choose to fish or you just want to take it easy, the 140 Fish fits the bill perfectly. The ultimate party platform, the Sandbar 26 is perfect for swimming, entertaining, listening to tunes, lounging and enjoying refreshments. Equipped with an Evinrude 90-hp E-Tec outboard, the 2186 RE3 doesna€™t slow down for anything.

When you look at the price of a normal boat that can handle the whole family comfortably and the versatility to cruise, fish or ski, you have to consider a pontoon boat.What is a Pontoon Boat? Pontoon boats can also be made into a great boat for fishing, even in the smaller lakes because of the shallow draft. Proceeds from clicking on these links below helps us to offset the costs of hosting this website. The BPV stands for 'Bicycle Powered Vessel', and Libelula is the Spanish word for dragonfly. The pontoon boat has been modified so that there is a place to sleep, cook food, and even go to the bathroom! Proceeds from clicking on links below helps us to offset the costs of hosting this website.
This Sun Catcher pontoon boat offer the ultimate in family fun, as it comes with plenty of seating, and fishing and lounging features.
Ita€™s easy to keep this Bennington pontoon boat rocking a€“ get the party started with a Rockford CD player, complete with four ultimate speakers and MP3 and iPod ports. This Crestliner pontoon boat offers your guests a comfortable place to sit on the L-shaped lounge, or invites them to catch some rays on its aft sundeck. Available in 20-, 22- and 25-foot lengths, the Angler Limited comes in the perfect size to fit your active familya€™s lifestyle. And therea€™s no worries when youa€™re on the water a€“ this Princecraft pontoon boat features a third log center tube that further enhances its stability and performance, while increasing the load and power capacities. Powered by a fuel efficient Yamaha four-stroke engine, this G3 Sun Catcher pontoon boat is the real deal. Equipped with an extended railing, deluxe front bass seats, and a Clarion Marine radio with MP3 plug, ita€™s easy to see why youa€™d think this Crest pontoon boat would be out of your price range!
A great small pontoon boat with an affordable price tag, the Scout offers stability and versatility a€“ the two most important qualities when it comes to picking your watercraft. For your skis and boards, this Parti Craft pontoon boat comes equipped with plenty of storage, and for your entertaining needs, it features a Jensen CD stereo with MP3 input, 25-qt.
Built to carry 18 of your closest friends, this Sylvan pontoon boat offers a comfy seat for everyone, thanks to L-group seating and wrap around front couch. A great size for hauling and storing, this Starcraft pontoon boat measures in at 14' 3", and is ideal for squeezing into the smallest of fishing holes. When you want to move the party across the lake, crank up the engine and skim across the water on its standard Waveglider high performance pontoons.
With room for nine, this Sweetwater pontoon boat seats everyone comfortably, thanks to its spacious lounge and pilot seat. You can invite your pals out to fish, drink, party, sunbathe, anything your mind could imagine. Plants and animals are classified with Latin names, and Libelula is also a particulur Latin Genus of the dragonfly species. These bicycles clamp into a mechanical contraption that connects the pedals on the bike to two independent paddlewheels that hang off the rear of the boat. In many ways, it is like a floating house that we'll be living on for the duration of our journey. Relax in style on the chaise lounge and two bow recliners, and at night, set the mood with LED mood lighting.
If youa€™re in the mood to fish, you can outfit this vessel with an aerated livewell, and rod holders and panel. Features include four fishing seats, aerated livewell, Sony CD stereo with four speakers, rod box and holders, fiberglass helmstand with 36-qt. With comfy seating for 11, it has plenty of storage space, a removable table and a four speaker stereo a€“ everything you need to entertain in style.

Other features include an RE ladder, front bucket seats with armrests and a new SS package option. Made with treated plywood decking, stainless steel hardware and marine grade carpet, this Pond King pontoon boat sits on heavy gauge aluminum pontoons with reinforced double Z channel aluminum bracing set on 16-inch centers, which means youa€™ll be able to enjoy it with your family for many years to come.
Entertaining is made easy with a galley equipped with a bar and built-in sink, a cooler table and JBL CD player with four speakers. Dona€™t let its size fool you a€“ the 140 Fish comes with big features such as a flip-flop helm bench with built-in livewell, Bimini top, two swivel fishing chairs and Rotocast seat bases. This Avalon pontoon boat sets the mood for any scene, thanks to stainless amber floor mood lighting.
When youa€™re entertaining, youa€™ll need to bring snacks, so stow them away in the underseat cooler. You can also find pontoon boats that are made for speed to if you would like to engage in some water skiing, or any other water sport you could think of.Pontoon boats are powered by outboard motors generally between 10 to over 200 hp and some newer pontoons even come with dual outboards. Dragonflies are also an important part of a healthy watershed ecosystem, which is why we named our vessel after them. Even though the vessel is powered by a bicycle-driven propulsion system, it also has a 25 horsepower gasoline outboard available for emergency use. Other features include a sport bucket helm chair with slider, pop-up changing room and table with drink holders. Other extras include Captain's chair, chaise lounges, three-step canopy and color-coordinated canopy.
Other features include a Bimini top, rear bar and music center, smoked glass side door, port side bow dinette and exclusive comfort plush high back reclining admirala€™s chair. Other features include Jensen CD stereo with MP3 input, three-step ladder, changing room, deluxe marine grade carpet and color coordinated canopy. The faster pontoon boats made for speed normally have big engines, about 220 horse power or more, and if you really want to go fast, you might want to look into the boats that have three pontoons for more performance and better handling of your pontoon boat, they are a bit more expensive but you have to pay extra to go fast.Can you trailer a pontoon boat? Because there are two wheels, you can steer the boat by pedalling faster on one side than on the other. A small sail can be mounted on the roof whenever a fair breeze is present and a tent can be pitched over the sleeping area at night to keep the crew dry inside. You don't always have to have two people pedaling the bicycles because the paddlewheels can be linked together so that one bicycle turns both wheels.
These trailers are very popular if you wish to set the pontoon boat on the ground or move more than a single pontoon.The degree of customization you can do to a pontoon boat is limitless, because of the flat design there are so many things you could do. The majority of pontoon boats have bimini tops that can be raised up or down, some have built in tops, or sun roofs, so that you can jump or dive off of them, and some might even come with a slide attached to the sun roof.If you are considering a pontoon boat, do not take my word for it or anyone elses for that matter. A small price to pay to make sure that you and more importantly your family like the pontoon boat before you lay down your hard earned money.Bottom line is that pontoon boats are great for the family, and are great for friends. You want to be very careful when taking your pontoon boat out on larger bodies of water such as the Ocean, the Gulf and the Great Lakes, so you will not be doing any deep sea fishing in a pontoon boat. There bow is very close to the water, and it is not going to take a big wave to crash over the deck, which could be very dangerous, so if you are into deep sea fishing, then a pontoon boat is not for you.A pontoon boat is for the pleasure of water activities, with family and friends. To own a pontoon boat is to be able to enjoy pleasant moments on the water in company of your family or friends. With your pontoon boat, you can go fishing, water skiing or boarding, swimming, reach a beach, ride on rivers and lakes and, best of all, you can spend your vacations on your boat. With a camper top covering the whole boat, a sofa bed, a table and storage spaces, the pontoon boat pratically becomes a house boat.

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