I guess when it comes to the top segment in yacht building all mentioned yards are very competitive and equally skilled although somewhat different specialized.
Originally Posted by schakel I guess when it comes to the top segment in yacht building all mentioned yards are very competitive and equally skilled although somewhat different specialized.
They remind me of the time I was cruising the South Pacific in my first boat , in my early 20's . Almost all the boats I see cruising remote ares of the world are small modest boats , often built in someone's backyard on a shoestring budget, by capable and resourceful people, with far less insecure reasons to cruise. I'd hate to see anyone of low income conned into believing that this is the wealth they need before being allowed to go cruising. Location: Iroquois, Ontario Spotted this one in our marina year before last.
Guest62110524 Previous Member   some nice detail, thought with right awning biminis etc would suit au east coast, but at 450000 euros? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A new class of ultra-compact tugboat is turning heads and filling important industry niches.
Recent developments have produced not only a very cost-effective tug for training, but an ultra-compact workboat which can operate in small ports and perform specialized functions such as ship-handling, line-handling, yarding, boom deployment, etc.
The BRAtt has all the functionality of a full sized tug a€“ from a fully operational ship-handling winch to modern fully azimuthing Z-drives.

While the original BRAtt is of all-welded aluminum construction and has been classified as a BRAtt 780-AE, a recently built pair for Suncor Energy are constructed with a steel hull and aluminum house.
The BRAtt 880-SU has an all-welded steel hull with an all-welded aluminum alloy wheelhouse. The BRAtt class has all the functionality of a full-size tug in a compact package, making it an ideal training tug or ultra-compact line-handler, utility or yarding tug for confined harbours or shallow water operations. All Web Site Graphics, Layout, and Written Content at this Domain Created by Michael Kasten. Originally conceived as a training vessel, the BRAtt has developed into a class of small but tough workboats. BRAtt designs are now available in a range of sizes, from 7 metres to 10 metres, in both aluminum and steel construction. This gives the operator the opportunity to train personnel in a realistic environment with all of the associated real world variables. From its first a€?splasha€? at ITS 2010 to today, the ongoing development of the BRAtt continues to excite and attract new owners!
The boat was a work of art, most of the interior made of teak that he found in dumpsters and maple burls that he found in the bush.Now that's impressive! When I looked at the boats cruising on a big budget,with all the toys , I couldn't help notice that the owners were three times my age. They spend most of their lives in marinas, going only for the rare day sail, fulfilling their purpose of impressing the naive, which can only be done in areas where there are huge numbers of naive and gullible to impress.

Sell it quick , take out enough money to cruise till pension time and give the rest to women's shelters, food banks and homeless shelters, buying in the process a bit of security.
Risks and costs are reduced significantly during training as no additional crew are required, and running costs are much less. It was clear to me that if I insisted on all that extravagence , I would be their age before I got out cruising. Keeping them shiney is a full time job , both for the workers and the owners who have to organise it all.
Similarly, the BRAtt can perform everyday small tug duties in a fully functional manner, and it is this capability which has surprisingly attracted the most attention to this exciting a€?MicroTuga€? since its introduction.
They are invariably far more stressed out and having no more fun than the freer ones in reasonable boats, who's lives are not lived in slavery to their egos.. If you wait until you are rich enough to afford such luxury , you will be so old that you will need all the ***** extension you can get.

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