Construction Comments: Plywood over plywood bulkheads, designed to utilize standard dimension plywood sheets. In shaping the hull of the TimberCoast 22 I kept the original Bartender form in mind but included additional criteria.
The TimberCoast incorporates shorter overhangs than the Bartender hulls, which increases waterline length.
Bartender Boats BARTENDER BOATS LLC supplies complete building plans and instructions for all the BARTENDER models - 19’ through 29’.
To refine this successful application and develop a true displacement vessel for rough water cruising we looked to Canadian naval architect Tad Roberts of Gabriola Island, BC. The TimberCoast Troller is a safe and sensible option for those who prefer to cruise at a relaxed pace. Tall Timber in Pittsburg, NH offers a fleet of well maintained and comfortable fiberglass fishing boats and pontoon boat rentals on Back Lake, featuring the extremely quiet and environmentally friendly four-stroke six horsepower engines.
Tall Timber's Pontoon Boatthe "Connie C"Why not spend an afternoon cruising Back Lake in comfort and then go to the Rainbow Grille for dinner? While maintaining the seaworthiness of the older sibling, the new boat is to be more fuel efficient at low speed.
Her sheer and topside flair are similar to Bartenders, but her full length deep keel is a distinct departure.

We also build complete turnkey BARTENDERS on a limited basis – contact us for availability, pricing, and scheduling.
After a fun discussion of the history, concept, and goals of this design, Tad firmly grabbed the tiller and sailed a true course to a clear design destination.
Our new 16 foot Pontoon Boat is equipped with a 25 HP E-Tec Evinrude outboard, so you don't need a NH Boating Safety Certificate to rent it!
The "Connie C" is equipped with the required safety equipment, and also an anchor and ladder. She had to be visually similar to her older (and faster) sister, but I wanted the longest possible waterline to reduce wavemaking and form drag. Her hull is veed throughout its length to place the engine and tanks low (mostly below WL). Let us help you experience the joy and confidence of owning a safe and proper boat – one that you and your family will enjoy for years.
In the TimberCoast 22 Tad has created an exceptionally seaworthy small cruising vessel which will safely, comfortably, and economically carry a small crew on an extended voyage.
The hull is plywood over plywood bulkheads and was designed to utilize standard dimension plywood sheets.
She needed to be simple to build while being hydrodynamically suited to low speed efficiency.

With the ability to cruise all summer on one tank of fuel, the Timbercoast is an open water capable mini distance cruiser. But there is also terrific scenery on the west end of the lake looking east towards Mount Magalloway.
The final key operational requirement is excellent controllability at low speed, cruising, trolling, and maneuvering, without the flightiness of a planning hull. Calling Loons, diving Osprey and an occasional soaring Eagle remind us of how special this place is. The "Connie C" is available for rent for two hours, a half day (4 hours), a full day, or multiple days. RENTER agrees that no one other than those named in this agreement will operate the Boat.12. RENTER agrees to operate the Boat in a safe and legal manner as prescribed by all laws and regulations applicable to the area in which the Boat is operated, and shall be personally responsible for all boating violations.

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