Hello Bryn, Here is a copy of the files I created by copying the frames from your 65 plan version of the RacingSparrow.
The second picture is of the frames we assembled at a local regatta to help spur interest in the RG65. I was wondering if you have a dxf format file available of either the RG65 frames (preferred , that are in the PDF document, or of the entire hull? Hi Bryn, I bet when you wrote your book the last thing you had in mind was encouraging a young boy to read and use his maths but this is exactly how I have been using your book.
To those who are having trouble finding rudder fittings in Australia I have found that I can make my own by getting some brass rod and tube from my hobby shop and bending the rod at right angles about 10mm from the end and building the rudder around that bend. I'm now messing about with another one planned to sail on very, very, very light winds and will combine your design with the Northwind 28 stretched to fit our club formula.
They thought they were better than laser cut parts they've seen because there is no charring on the edges to sand off to ensure glue adhesion.
In South Australia there is a scheme where people volunteer to work with kids who are having learning problems and I am working with a 14year old boy who did not see much point in learning maths or making the effort to read. All classes have a link to their respective websites and most have a sailing video of that class of boat like the video shown here.
The sparrow is designed for entry level modelling but experienced modellers like John take the boats design to the next level, adding their own great ideas and knowledge which is encouraged. By buying your book and building 2 models - 1 for him and 1 for me he has begun to see the point of making the effort to read and learn his maths. Behind you can see a blue boat, the very first RC yacht I made, which sparked all this wonderfull madness.

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