Location: New Jersy Where can I find some hull photographs or manufacturers that make very good hull designs ? Assuming a boat about 20' & V8 The attached perspective drawing shows you what I did on the Cherubini 20 bottom for the jet drive.
I have used a similar bottom for the Saetta 20, which originally had an inboard drive, and I have just reshaped the hull for a jet drive using a Hamilton jet. Boat should not bow hook or become airborne unless I am stupid or showing off like a nut in a 21' X 4' boat.
From the perspective view and the side (below) it looks like you have effectively taken a chunk out of the bottom to produce a flat for the jet intake.
When we built the hull molds for this design, the hull plug was carved out of foam at DLBA Robotics in Virginia, and it had the full V, not cut away. Location: New Zealand Had you considered the merits of running the flat area (which we refer to as the 'delta', not sure of the origins but it could be due to the triangular shape) from the transom to just forrard of amidships? Yes, in fact, I did go through a rendition of the hull lines with a flat on the bottom exactly as Mat-C describes, not inclined like Speedboat's photo, and got all the way through general arrangement drawings. If I had to do it over again to provide a jet design in a speedboat, I would do it the same way with the bottom shape that I have developed, which I have used on a number of boat designs--the boats trim out and handle very well.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The images are part of Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait, a series depicting the excesses and inequities of contemporary American culture.
We can't vouch for all of Jordan's statistics, but his pictures certainly help put them in perspective. Earthrace, the environmentally-friendly speedboat that recently abandoned two attempts to break the round-the-world speed record, has just announced plans to go for it again. We're going to deviate briefly from the physics of strange stunts on YouTube, and look instead at the new movie I Am Legend. In the beginning of the movie, the main character, Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, hunts deer in an almost entirely empty Manhattan.
Last week, the oil company Royal Dutch Shell announced plans to build an algae biodiesel plant in Hawaii. After years of development, Nanosolar has announced today that they have shipped their first batch of inexpensive solar panels to the site of their first real-world deployment, a megawatt solar plant being built on the surface of a landfill in eastern Germany. The first production panels to roll off the assembly line are getting special attention—one's being exhibited at Nanosolar HQ, another is heading for the Tech Museum in San Jose, and a third has been put up for auction on eBay.
For much more information on the Powersheet, including an animated movie detailing exactly how it works, see its entry in our Best of What's New 2007 list. Federal scientists released some of the annual average temperature data for 2007, revealing that this year registers as the eighth warmest since 1895, when records were first kept. Since Representative Edward Markey couldn't be in Bali for the United Nations climate change meeting, he appeared virtually instead. Markey said he couldn't be there because he needed to be in the US to help pass a clean energy bill, but he should've taken a greener-than-thou route instead. Salmon farms along the Canadian coast are driving wild salmon toward extinction, according to a study published today in the journal Science.

Earlier studies have found that the netted pens of salmon farms are breeding grounds for parasitic sea lice, and that these lice can infect and kill young wild salmon passing by the farms. There are two possible solutions to the problem: Raise farmed salmon in self-contained pens, or move the existing pens away from the rivers and migratory routes used by young wild salmon. Google Earth today unveiled a new layer, called Earth from Above, featuring stunning images taken by the French nature photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Minimum bottom angle ~10 deg helps in keeping intake free from bubbles generated at spray-root forward. Jetsprint boats run a transom deadrise angle up around 24*, I've used 19* extremely successfully with a warped bottom. The same gusset blocks will be used on both sides of anything holding the marine plywood skins on. The flat area forrard becomes quite narrow so as to minimise the effect of 'slamming' etc that you suggest. I suppose I always assumed it would be done as a horizontal version of what speedboats has pictured, as in the pic below.
Each image portrays a specific quantity of something, such as the number of American children without health insurance, or the number of disposable batteries produced every 15 minutes. The boat, designed and developed by a former oil industry engineer turned environmentalist, runs completely on biodiesel and should have a net zero carbon footprint.
And the second didn't go so well, either: the crew discovered a crack in the hull and had to end the trip early.
An $11,000 price tag puts it out of the reach of most consumers, but if the NYPD test is successful, it may popularize the scooter enough to help bring down the cost.
Yes, there's a virus-based cure turned scourge that infects the vast majority of humanity, and plenty to think about along those lines, but we're going to stick to what happens to New York City.
The project will progress in stages: first, the company will build a small research plant, with hopes to build a full-scale commercial plant within two years.
With the help of a staffer, Markey created an avatar in Second Life, and addressed the meeting via video screen, from his place in the virtual world. The study looked at the survival rates of wild pink salmon in British Columbia's Broughton Archipelago, where salmon farms have sprung up along the shoreline in recent years.
However, today's study by fisheries ecologists at the University of Alberta and Dalhousie University is the first to show that sea lice are having population-wide impacts. Adult fish can survive this onslaught but younger fish (such as the one pictured here) are more vulnerable because they are smaller and have thinner skin. Each image is accompanied by an interesting statistic: In this case, we learn that 90 percent of the homes in Iceland are heated by electricity produced from geothermal sources. With all these advantages, each Cutwater model offers the range to expand everyoneis cruise horizons while providing exceptional comfort underway.
Additionally, this keel protects the propeller and running gear against damage from submerged hazards. Along either side of the keel where it meets the bottom is a rounded shoulder where the machinery compartment has been expanded to allow positioning the engine low in the hull. I make been told that tunnel hulls are made to give-up the ghost straight person and that they make not turn well.

SeaWolf and SuperDuxx sauceboat will travel at speeds that 45 MPH all the same super light west tunnel hull speed boat.
I would have though it would create a bit of turbulence in front of the jet, as well as a possible area of 'negative pressure'. Although it does rotate the jet giving a 'trim up' effect, depending on the pump you use they have a 5* down angle on them anyway (to allow sump clearance for the motor to the bottom of the hull. That would give a flat 'pad' for the boat to ride on - quite common in many faster boats I believe - but avoid any potential turbulence problems. Most were outboards, though some were also fitted with sterndrives and I think even a few jets. Though their number hardly makes for a revolution, the Vectrix scooters (the first plug-in vehicles legal on any highway or road) are part of a larger mission to green the department. Algae is an incredibly tantalizing yet frustrating potential fuel source, as PopSci's Elizabeth Svoboda found out earlier this year when writing the tale of an algae biodiesel startup in Colorado. Worldwide, that number is slightly higher, and the preliminary details of the annual report suggest that 2007 was the fifth warmest year on a global scale.
If nothing is done, the scientists predict that 99 percent of the pink salmon will be gone within four years. Normally salmon encounter lice only in the open ocean where the adult fish live, but salmon farms have concentrated the lice near the rivers where wild salmon are born. This sauceboat is atomic number 49 great shape and sport out on the water tunnel hull speed boat. But they're not too large, since Neville's only been alone on the island for about three years. The microbes can create enormous amounts of oil from very little in the way of nutrients and land, but extracting the oil and converting it to biodiesel remains extremely difficult. Well forward, the raked stem curves downward near the waterline to a slender, near-vertical forefoot that cuts oncoming waves to ensure a smooth ride. Supposedly the boat has the ability to duck through the waves instead of rolling over them.
This nuance also extends the waterline to improve fuel efficiency, and allows fuller sections throughout the forward hull sections for greater useable interior space. Keep an eye on Later Speed sauceboat Race fully HD by Cargospotter Featured115 000 XXIV Watch Later XCATS. 2002 Liberator Tunnel Hull 96 hr number on boat motor has 51 hours motor is a ZZ502 hassle crate 535HP and 596 tourqe. Still, this version of people-free New York isn't as dramatic as the one imagined in Alan Weisman's bestseller The World Without Us. Andy Tiemeyer Hoosier State his Mirage Wild cat STV Tunnel hull kettle of fish fork aired out merc. In the book, which reveals what would happen to Earth if humans simply disappeared, Weisman details the long-term changes to the city.

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