We take abandoned yachts, motorboats, speed boats, fishing boats, end of life, wrecked, semi sunken, insurance write-offs, unfinished or incomplete vessel projects including unwanted marine craft in GRP, wood, aluminium or steel in any condition and of any hull type. We then either repair, refloat, re sell or professionally dismantle and scrap these boats in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way. We can tow the boat to our or the nearest boatyard and remove all serviceable parts and components, and recycle whatever we can including the oil, fuel, wood, metals, and electronics.
This process has matched hundreds of boaters with the parts they need to keep them enjoying their time on the water. Here at Reefer Sails we produce a range of recycled sail products for boat, home, garden, pets and travel.

We provide processors and equipment for the home brewing biodiesel producer.We can also supply biodiesel to marinas and fuel outlets to make your business greener. British Recycled Products sell 100% recycled products made from British waste diverted from landfil. These kitchen caddy liners are designed for use with the 7 litre solid caddy or vented caddy. Recycled fendering is a durable, rot and algae proof environmentally friendly option that does not need treatment and will not leach harmful chemicals into the water. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

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