Our decals are flat decals, digitaly printed with solvent inks, laminate and UV protected, a very affordable and great alternative to replace those OEM raised decals on most Sun Tracker Boats. Our vinyl decals are UV protected and laminated, this lamination make our decals water resistant, resistant to cleaning fluids wax and mineral spirits, Also they are set over a clear plastic transfer tape for easy installation. Thanks fatdaddy!I put the risers in, I like the way they work so far.The navigation lights I purchased do not fit in the allocated spot. Thanks to all who participate!I got my hands on a 1996 Sun Tracker 21 foot Barty Barge with an aluminum deck.

I really like the LED lights as opposed to the old style bulb, wondering if anyone knows of a LED nav light that will fit?Space provided.Old Nav.
The guys here are pretty cool, they gave me an auth # for the return of the lights that didn't work for me very quickly. So far I have used 4 gallons of carpet adhesive remover getting the carpet and glue off the deck and I'm not 100% done yet Lots of work! Which I don't necessarily mind but for goodness sake - I can't wait until I can say I'm done with the adhesive remover.

I plan on using acid to prep, Zinc Chromate primer, and paint with sand in it for the floor - I'll probably just paint the railing panels white (no sand lol).I purchased some stuff from the site such as replacement table bases, railing risers, docking lights, navigation lights, railing screws, etc.

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