We have a 32' Sun Tracker party cruiser at Alligator Boat Dock on Lake Cumberland for sale.
We have a 2002 Suntracker Party Cruiser 32' in a slip at Pebble Isle Marina on Kentucky Lake. This 2007 built, 34″ pontoon offers comfortable chaise lounges, separate powder room, sink, air conditioners x 2, microwave, top deck with solar, and most importantly a water slide from the top deck. Plenty of power with a 135HP Mercruiser 3 litre motor, which has done minimal hours, this vessel will tow a skier! Offered for sale with a strong, well built custom trailer, the lucky new owner will be able to explore all the rivers in WA.
Lake Lanier Cabin Rentals offers Vacation Rental, Houseboat Party Yacht, Jet Ski, Pontoon and Boat Rentals near Lake Lanier Islands.
Lake Lanier boats party on pontoons, try the 20 passenger Island Skimmer pontoon for $175 for two hours. Looking for a Lake Lanier Boat Rental, Lake Allatoona Boat Rental or Lake Monroe Boat Rental? Lake Lanier Islands Boat Rental There were 6 people in our party and none of us will ever rent again from Lake Lanier Harbor Marina. We now live 15 minutes from Kentucky Lake and are looking for a small houseboat for day and long weekend use.
Very nice boat in excellent condition - not really looking to sell, but always willing to talk. To our knowledge, this Suntracker party pontoon with top deck and slide is the only one of it’s kind in Australia?

Things to do in Atlanta, North Paradise Rental Boats, Boat Rentals, Waverunner Rentals, Runabout Rentals, Pontoon Rentals, Lake Lanier Lake Lanier Boat Rentals and Rental Boats on Lake Lanier.
Paradise Rental Boats is the premier boat rental facility and the Atlanta sailing lessons, sailboat rental, Lake Lanier boat rental takes you on a sailing charter adventure on Lake Lanier.
Magnificent Lake Lanier Home-Indonesian Decor-Huge Party Dock Gainesville, Georgia Vacation Rental by center point of lake lanier providing easy access by boat Please Note: We do not sell or market any of your personal contact information to any third party for any reason.
Lake Lanier Resorts Four-Hour Boat Rental on Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona from Paradise Rental For $87, you get a four-hour rental of a 12-passenger, 21-foot party barge (a $182 value).
770-967-1804 **Become a Customer to find Lake Lanier jet ski rentals and various types of Lake Lanier boat rentals. Adventure Travel > Lake Lanier Islands Boat Rentals: Lake Lanier Islands Boat Rentals The cabins offer a great place for a party! Being handy & mechanically inclined, I was excited at the prospect.After having, operating, enjoying & working on this boat for four years & some months, I can honestly say that Tracker cut corners on the materials. Book this Lake sq feet of decks, including a very nice boat dock with party deck, this is the place to enjoy your lake Harbor Landing offers the best Lake Lanier Islands boat rentals, including pontoons and group excursion yachts so that you can explore all 38,000 acres of water. Lake Lanier rentals include cabins, houses, houseboats, and boats in each of the five counties in which the lake is located. Not much.The V-belt that drives the water pump & alternator on the engine is a real pain to change.
The front engine mount must be disconnected & then the engine must be raised up from the forward engine mount in order to insert the new belt onto the pulleys.
Having to do this process in this way makes changing the belt out on the water practically impossible.

On the inside, the vinyl is prone to cracking everywhere pop rivets are used to fasten to the flimsy material. Carbon steel brackets were used to attache poorly made cabinetry to the "walls" of the helm. These brackets will rust, & the vinyl around the pop rivets used to fasten the brackets to the "wall" cracks over time.Also on these boats, Tracker chose a VERY thin rubber membrane to cover the roof. I repaired this myself using industrial flat roof material that is substantially thicker & more durable. In the process of removing the old membrane, I found that once again, Tracker used plain carbon steel self-drilling, self-tapping screws to fasten the plywood decking to the top of the helm frame.
While I had the membrane removed, I put quality stainless screws through the plywood decking into the supporting frame.Today we put the boat in the water for the first time this season. I was in the process of standing up from the captain's chair & pulled slightly on the steering wheel as I stood up. I'm 51 years old & in good health & I am reasonably well physically fit, and of thin build. They look nice & they're fun for a while, but when it comes to maintaining them, they're a pain in the arse due to the cheap materials used in manufacturing. I'll never by another Tracker boat because of this experience.ReplyRobin, thanks a lot for this very informative post about the Tracker workmanship & materials.

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