Fulton Bolt-On Fold-Away Hinge Kit for 3X4 Tongues up to 6000 lbs BOLT-ONEASY-TO-INSTALLEnables up to 36" of the Trailer Tongue to Fold Away, Letting a Boat Trailer fit Inside most Smaller Garages.
If you can actuate the piston by pushing it in then there is no need for the vacuum bleeder! SNobsessed- some surge hitches can be bled that way but usually you need more leverage than just a receiver will give.
Yes, you can pick up a few more inches (3-4) by changing the swing. Thanks for the compliments. 75 Tique, I had to promise my wife there was absolutely no chance that I would cut this trailer off and not be able to get it back together before summer.
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New, innovative and built to perform like no other bay boat you've ever seen, there's never been a new model introduction quite like the incredible 206 Cayman. Convert your standard trailer tongue into a fold-away configuration while preserving your trailers existing coupler. So as some of you know, the wife and I are hoping to close on a house in the next couple of months.

Let me know any suggestions or ideas you have that have worked and are proven safe and effective. The theory is flawed for this purpose, you have to remember your boat is not 2 dimensional, and yours in particular is pretty wide. Seriously, why waste something as valuable as garage space on something so mundane as a car?
Ive done something very similar,once inside you have to have the boat where it is easily movable for routine choirs or your wife will kill you also it will make using the boat such a PIA to use you want want to go as much which you dont want.Got in late from Flamingo and rely burnt. The trailers that I worked on for years were larger and I could not actuate the piston or use the breakaway to this! Robalo engineers have successfully mixed a shallow water draft with a feather soft 15-degree Extended V-Plane bottom design and an aggressive hullside flare so you can travel wherever the fish are biting.
Easy bolt-on installation will allow up to 48" of the trailer tongue to fold-away, making it easy to fit your trailer inside small garages. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
I have the same sized garage and the max I can fit in a package using half the garage is about 19' to clear the hurricane bars. Watch your fluid levels if you do this.The easiest surge unit is the one that bolts on top and is usually silver colored. Big on features and even bigger on performance, we've made it easy to fall in love with the new 206 Cayman.
I do need to fit one SMALL car in the garage so I may be able to make do with just the swing tongue for now.

Even with a swinging tongue you aren't going to be able to park anything bigger than a motorcycle next to it.
You can use a long prybar to actuate the master cylinder. Did you get the flex hose installed? You will probably have to get a removable tongue and set it across the majority of the garage at a 45.
I took the front part of the tongue and drilled those holes on my drill press and that sped up the process.
Upfront, the forward casting platform with its center livewell that doubles as a fish box and lockable rod storage is state of the art.
If I should ever get another Boat Trailer I would order this product again from this company because of the way my order was handled, very reliable.
Amidships, the helm console that's more stylish and functional than you've ever seen in a 20-footer. My rig is only 23' long and at an angle she can still get her car in with a few feet to spare. A 25' overall length is going to be a chore even with the removable tongue given your garage dimensions. One of three livewells is tucked under the front seat so bait is accessible no matter where you are onboard.

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